How to have a Homemade Halloween

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How to have a Homemade Halloween

While it’s only August and supermarkets haven’t started displaying their Halloween costumes and candies yet. There’s no better time to begin to prepare for All Hallow’s Eve than now. If you love arts and crafts, have a bit of spare time, or just adore the spookiest holiday of the year. You may want to consider making your own Halloween treats this year. Here’s how to have a homemade Halloween.


How to have a Homemade Halloween-Lollies











Making your own lollies allows you to experiment with flavours you’ve always thought should be paired. So, here are a couple of ideas that take no more than 30 minutes to make.

Easy Lollies -These are lollies made from boiling sugar, syrup and water before stirring in some flavoured essence and cooling them in a mould of your choice. These are great, as they take no time at all to make. They require very few ingredients and allow you to flavour them however you’d like. For Halloween, you could use orange flavour and colouring. Or be different and put some unexpected flavourings (like liquid smoke) to creep out the kids.

Toffee – Toffee is absolutely delicious and only needs sugar, water, vinegar and butter to make. It’s another great way to get creative and include your own flavourings. Homemade toffee is also an excellent feature for more grown-up Halloween parties. As it’s got a higher fat content, which positions it as a better compliment to alcohol.


How to have a Homemade Halloween-Costumes












Making Halloween costumes is an act that’s gaining in popularity. Possibly because costume prices are climbing and have increased by almost 10% since 2012. It’s not at all difficult to find ideas for costumes online. It is important to consider the environmental impact of these costumes. Though it’s not too hard to make a cool costume for relatively little expenditure. When you take it off at the end of the night, you will probably find it a little damaged or drink-stained and just throw it away. This isn’t particularly environmentally responsible for obvious reasons, but what are the alternatives?

Well, it may be handy to look at people who make costumes professionally – special effects makeup artists. Making cool special face masks out of polyurethane rubber may not be as hard as you think. A homemade mask benefits from being a great conversation starter as well as being reusable and more environmentally friendly. They can be expensive, but getting started with polyurethane rubber probably isn’t as expensive as you think, and with costume prices skyrocketing, it could genuinely save you money in the long-run.


How to have a Homemade Halloween-Decorations











Making your own decorations is probably the most prominent feature on this list, and for many, it might allow the most versatile use of your creativity. Australians have the added benefit of being able to make fake spiders and have them genuinely terrify your guests. Making pretty realistic ones can be easy even with readily available materials. Reactions can also be filmed so that you can enjoy the hilarity all year round.

You might not have considered doing so, but hosting parties on Halloween is a great opportunity to have fun. Making a party enjoyable relies a lot on planning, especially planning the décor, so even though it’s still August, you might want to get out a notebook and jot down some ideas!

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