How To Keep Your Backyard Organized And Clean

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How To Keep Your Backyard Organized And Clean

It’s a joy to have a backyard where you can relax, grow flowers, and spend time with family and friends.

But there is another side to it – a backyard needs to be regularly maintained if you want it to stay clean and neat.

It won’t be that hard to do it if you introduce some of the following changes to your backyard.

Pave the Way

By simply creating a brick paver barrier and a path, you will separate the grass and the mulch from the walking area. It instantly creates an impression of tidiness and clear distinction among the areas.

Use Mulch Beds

You can reduce yard work if you place mulch beds around the plants or the rock features. If there’s grass everywhere, it needs to be tended frequently, which just means more time needed for it.

Mulch not only reduces the maintenance time but it also fertilizes the plants and prevents weed from spreading. You don’t need water for it and it should only be replaced once a year.

The two most popular types are cocoa bean and shredded wood. The first one gives off a nice chocolatey scent while the other looks perfect when placed in woodsy areas.

Tend the Lawn

If you have a lawn in the backyard, then the most important part to keep it neat and healthy is to do it in the right way.

You should keep the grass at around 10 cm of height. If the grass is too tall, it won’t allow the new grass to grow and it can even help the spread of microbes.

As far as watering goes, you mustn’t let the soil to be dry for too long. The best time to water the lawn is in the early morning or the evening. To ensure your garden hose isn’t spread across the lawn most of the time, keep it neet with a garden hose reel. On the other hand, if there’s frequent rain where you live, you should get a trench drain system to channel the excess water.

Buy the Right Equipment

Every time you need to work in the backyard, it will be easier and faster if you have all the necessary equipment within your reach. Make sure you have tools and equipment that are easy to use and effective when you need to do the digging and pruning, and always keep them sharp and clean.

Fewer Plants

Fewer plants also mean less maintenance, so it’s best to stick with the right perennials that will create a strong impact. They are easier to maintain than annuals. Ask for help in the local nursery to find out which plants could nourish in your area every year.

When making garden beds, plant similar flowers together so that they get a polished look. Mind the number of inches between the plants, as well.

Stone for Outdoor Landscaping

Landscaping stone is beautiful and durable, and let’s not forget how pleasant it feels on your feet. Natural stone comes in various colours, which allows you to create a unique and neat look in the backyard.

You can also opt for crushed stone on the pathways and even around the planters – it is a method of landscaping but it will also lead to less maintenance.

Stick to Similar Textures

It can be fun to mix and match different plants and flowers but try to resist the urge. There is a line you don’t want to cross; otherwise, it will all look like a huge, wild mess. So, go for a clean, organized landscape by choosing the plants will similar textures and group them close to each other.

Use Potted Plants

Potted plants are low maintenance and are very practical because you can move them around, depending on your needs or mood. You can also pick the colour of the pots and don’t have to worry if the weather changes – you can simply put them inside.

Regular Weeding

Weeds are your number one enemy when it comes to achieving a polished look of the backyard. Do the weeding once a week to prevent weeds from spreading too much. It will be enough to keep the flowers healthy and the backyard neat.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

An outdoor living space on a patio also means less maintenance in the backyard and its landscape features.

You can build a deck, add a fire pit or a grilling area, or even place outdoor furniture and make a living room. The only thing here is to maintain the patio – make sure it doesn’t have cracks or damages after the winter.

Bottom line

A neat and beautiful backyard isn’t just something that happens on its own. You need to make the effort but it is easier if you find ways to reduce the maintenance to a minimum.


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