How To Keep Your Carpet Clean and Tidy When You Have Pets

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How To Keep Your Carpet Clean and Tidy When You Have Pets

Life is better with fur buddies. It comes with its disadvantages when you are a homeowner. They can sometimes chew your carpet or have their hair all over. There are ways to keep your carpet clean even though your pets love being around you. How to keep your carpet clean and tidy when you have pets.

Wipe Their Paws Off

Make sure you wipe them whenever they come inside. Having a towel close to the door will help you. Train your pet to do this and you are good to go. They will eventually get it that they need to clean themselves. This can save you a little bit from the dirt that can enter your carpet. 

Adding An Area Rug

Adding an area rug to a high foot traffic area is a good investment. You can reduce the traffic on other carpets if you have one. You can train your pets to spend more time there so that everything is confined to one place. This is a good way to ensure your carpet stays clean. 

Have A Pet-friendly Carpet Cleaner

There is always a chance that your pet will accidentally do things on your carpet that will stain the carpet badly. You should always have a pet-friendly carpet stain remover to help with it. If it stains, you apply the cleaner and carefully dab it until the stain is completely removed. You do not have to worry much when you have a good carpet cleaner and a well-trained pet. 

Vacuum Your Carpet

Vacuuming the carpet regularly will keep the dust and dirt away for good. The same goes if you allow your fur buddies in your vehicles, in such cases, car carpet cleaning becomes super important. Also, it is easier when you vacuum every time you use your car. If you are ready to do it regularly then you can save your carpets from permanent damage. Furniture also needs to be vacuumed because if your furniture is dusty you will end up having a dusty carpet.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is very useful in removing stains. They can remove stains to an extent.  But they are not very effective for deep carpet cleaning. Make sure you have other resources for deeper cleaning. 

Confine The Pets To A Small Area

Train your pets to use an area if they are messing up your carpeted area. If they are trained well to be kept away from carpeted areas then you will not have to worry much about your carpet becoming unclean. 

Ensure Your Pet Eats Away From The Carpet

Many pet foods available today have colour and artificial ingredients. These types of foods, if it falls on your carpet area, will stain the place permanently. The only way to prevent this is to make sure that the pet eats away in a different place in the house. Also, make sure to wipe them off after you finish.

Keep Their Nails Trimmed

If you are worried about your carpets tearing because of your pets, you need to trim your pet’s nails at proper intervals. This will help prevent those carpet fibres from tearing. 

Have it professionally cleaned 

Make sure you clean your carpet with professionals at least once a year. Professional cleaning is good for the carpet and makes it worth the investment. Because tough stains cannot be removed with normal cleaning agents. Cleaning like this will not only keep your carpet clean but gives it a fresh and long-lasting life. Carpet cleaning can also remove allergens. 


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