How To Keep Your Clothes Looking New Longer.

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How To Keep Your Clothes Looking New Longer.

How difficult is it to keep your clothes looking new for longer? Not that difficult, with a little preparation, you can extend the life of your wardrobe. Read on for tips that will help you give your clothes a long and youthful life.

Remove wrinkles with steam:

Too lazy to iron? There is an easier and more effective alternative to ironing; remove wrinkles with a garment steamer. A garment steamer is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get the wrinkles out. There are times when you get really upset with the wrinkles on your cotton or linen shirts, and there’s no running away from it. If you want to make the desired impression on an important interview or the board meeting, make sure you make the wrinkles disappear with the help of steam. Steam has the capability to remove creases from cotton or linen clothes easily.

Still yet, if buying a garment steamer is still not in the cards for you due to few resources. There are still ways you can show up to that important interview or meeting with wrinkle free clothes. Watch the video below by Slate Magazine for four ways to get wrinkles out without an iron:

Freeze your jeans for its longer life:

Doesn’t this sound like we’re in Dexter’s laboratory? With all the experiments, you can definitely add this one to your list if you are a bachelor or in love with your denim jeans. One of the most commonly used clothing article is  jeans, they face a lot of wear and tear. You can easily increase their life span by freezing the denim in the refrigerator overnight and you’d find your jeans free from odor as well as germs.

The video below by Apartment Therapy shows you how to clean you jeans by freezing them:

White wine for red wine stains:

Want to know some great tricks for a stain that is inevitable? Red wine is too good not to be enjoyed but accidents happen and throwing away your nice clothes on account of a night of enjoyment seems too high a price. Red wine stains are hard to hide but  not impossible to remove.  White wine is the least successful and here’s proof , watch ThreadBanger shut down this home remedy once and for all:

There are other more effective ways to get ride of your red wine stain however, you must remember you must act quick.

Begin by blotting with a clean cloth to remove as much of the wine as possible. Then dab a little bit of club soda on the stain and blot to remove. Finally, wash with cold water and detergent/baking soda- poof, it’s gone!

Hand Wash:

Hand washing is absolutely the best way to make your underwear look new and last as long as possible. Wash your underwear in cold water and let them air-dry. Washing your underwear properly will not only extend their life and save you money, it will also keep your undies look their best for longer

Folding vs. Hanging:

Make sure that you don’t fold clothes that need to be hung and don’t hang clothes that need to be folded. Sweater stretch on the hanger and dress shirts don’t do well folded, unless you are an expertly masterful folder of some kind.

Organise your wardrobe:

Keep your closet and drawers organized and spaced out neatly. Cramming clothes into drawers , hanging clothes too tight together or having multiple clothes piled on a hanger results in unnecessary wrinkling and ironing clothes too often can shorten the life of them dramatically. Reserve a drawer or two for your underclothes, roll them up and sort them by colour or by occasion they suit. Men in particular benefit from this simple way storing their undergarments, once you wash and dry your manly underwear roll them and store them in the drawer.  There’s nothing worse than having no clean underwear when it counts most. Taking the time to organise your wardrobe and drawers will pay off in the long run and ensure your clothes look new and last longer.

With these small steps, you can easily keep your clothes looking new. Whether it is your outfits or your underclothes, they all count. So gear up and incorporate these steps into your everyday life and you can thank me later.


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