How To Keep Your House Clean During Self -Isolation

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How To Keep Your House Clean During Self -Isolation

Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on our daily habits and behaviour; which is why we must adjust to the current state by modifying the way we do stuff around the house. Desperate times call for desperate measures; which is why you should roll up your sleeves and keep those cleaning supplies closer than before. If you’re used to sweeping and mopping twice a week, you’ll have to clean your house on a daily basis during self-isolation. The same goes for other cleaning processes. Here are our top suggestions of what you need to pay special attention to. How to keep your house clean during self-isolation.

Scrub everything daily

During self-isolation, every day may seem like spring cleaning because of all the work you’ll need to do. During self-isolation, you’ll need to leave the house once or twice a week. To either get some groceries or take a ten-minute walk away from people and this is when you risk bringing the virus back to your home with you. That’s why you should make sure to clean the floors every single day; using solutions with a high concentration of anti-bacterial chemicals. Use warm water and floor cleaner mop all the dirt before you use a disinfectant  

Clean the carpets more often

Vacuuming should be done at least once a week in normal circumstances. Up to twice a week if your home is exposed to germs by some of your family members. This is especially true for super thick and fluffy carpets; that conceal dirt quite well, making you think they don’t need cleaning just yet. If you’re from the Land Down Under, you’ll find a professional carpet cleaning in Central Coast wide and have your carpets deep cleaned and look like they just got delivered from the furniture store. Your vacuum cleaner can’t always extract all the grime, so; hiring professional carpet cleaning services will be not only useful but more convenient than you trying to scrub it yourself.

Keep the shoes out

Whether you’re just popping outside to take out the trash or walking to the grocery store; you’ll pick up dirt with your shoes, that can later wreak havoc on your indoors. Don’t risk bringing the germs inside; take off your shoes in front of the house and clean them immediately upon entering the house. Then let them stay in the hallways ready for your next outing. Only running them over the rug in front of the door won’t be enough to stop the bacteria from spreading around. So, be sure to have the shoes clean before you let them rest on the floor. If you have a pet and it needs to be walked regularly, be sure to clean its paws and muzzle because they tend to sniffle around and risk bringing the bacteria with them.

Disinfect every possible surface

How To Keep Your House Clean During Self -Isolation

If you’re accustomed to disinfecting the surfaces once a week, you’ll need to change that habit and get ready for daily surface wiping. Get your gloves and an anti-bacterial solution ready and start cleaning countertops in the kitchen, bathroom, the sinks, doorknobs, appliance handles and levers, taps, and every single surface you come in contact with during the day. Did we forget to mention window handles? Even though they might not be the priority, you’ll need to keep them bacteria-free now more than ever when you need to keep the rooms ventilated a few times a day. Wipe the screen and the back of your phone, the laptop and PC keyboards, a mouse, and your desk if you’re still spending loads of time behind it. Wardrobe nobs and handles, washing machine door, dishwasher door, and virtually any possible surface, nob or handle that you may touch during the day should be properly disinfected. 

Dust more frequently

Dust bunnies will accumulate much faster when you’re being self-isolated and spending a lot more time at home than usual. That’s why you should also be ready to dust every other day and prevent further dirt to build up. This way you’ll have your every day planned and not have to fear of being bored or not knowing what to do with yourself now that you shouldn’t leave the house to run errands or enjoy the outdoors. If you decide to also disinfect the surfaces after dusting, don’t wipe the disinfectant from the surfaces for 30 seconds, to allow for it to work well on the bacteria. 

Final thoughts

Staying safe and clean is imperative in the time of self-isolation. No matter how often you clean and disinfect everything, still make sure you wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds and always wear a protective mask if you have to be outdoors. Dispose of it immediately after entering the home. Disinfect everything daily, wash and scrub all the surfaces, handles and nobs to keep the entire home spotless and germ-free. 


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