How to Keep Your Style Game High While Travelling

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How to Keep Your Style Game High While Travelling

There is no doubt that it is not easy to look gorgeous while travelling whether by plane, car, bus or train. It might take a toll on your skin, and you end up with a dry and puffy face.  Travelling is stressful, but the relationship between beauty and travelling is not mutually exclusive. Therefore, with some travel beauty survival tricks, you can face that business trip, getaway weekend, family gathering or a vacation with a big smile.

After digging deep, our article provides you with helpful and easy tricks to help you reach your destination looking beautiful.

1. Preparation

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Moisturize your skin. Apply a heavy moisturizer the day before you travel. It is a healthy tip because moisturization helps boost skin’s hydration and thus, it protects your skin from the dehydrating effects of the air conditioner or cabin pressure.

Apart from moisturizing, other preparations include.

  • Ensure that your hair is simple to style. Also, you can refresh the colour of your hair, mainly if there is a big difference between your dyed and natural hair. Men can get stylish and straightforward hair cuts that are easy to maintain.
  • Make sure that your eyebrows are well done. You can shape them so that even without make-up, you will still look beautiful.
  • Untidy nails can deny you the opportunity to wear open-toe shoes and getting a place to have your nails done in a new destination can be difficult. Therefore, don’t forget to do your nails and of course your fingernails too.

2. What to wear

Wear comfy outfits. Comfort factor is critical while travelling. Put on ridiculously comfy travel clothes to help you look good during travelling and once you arrive at your destination. Avoid the following:

  • High heels and new shoes – these might lead to blisters that trouble your movement while at your dream vacation.
  • Office clothes even if you are going for an official trip as they can get messy.
  • Tight types of denim and leather pants – wearing these types of clothes for long can lead to thrombosis.
  • Hot pants and miniskirts – the weather is bound to change anytime while you are travelling and it can become freezing at times. It is worse when you do not have other long clothes to change in such a time.

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Also, travelling in pyjamas does not translate to comfort. It looks awkward with no sense of style. Go for simple breezy, comfortable dresses, especially during summer. Luckily, long casual dresses which fit your travelling needs are readily available and come in different sizes, prints and fabrics. There are also other short dresses, business casual dresses as well as plus size dresses among other dresses which are comfortable and fit your style perfectly.

Loose-fitting bottom wears with an elastic waistband are also perfect for travelling. You can go for jeggings, super stretch jeans or exercise pants which look fashionable as long as you pair with an ideal top. The secret here is to wear breathable outfits, particularly for long journeys. Exercise/track pants paired with track jackets are perfect travel clothes for men. Track pants also look good when paired with full or half-zip hoodies.

3. Accessorize the right way

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Make sure that your accessories like earrings, a watch, ring or bracelet compliment your outfit. Men can go for bright socks having fun patterns, a watch and a scarf for a better look. Truly, accessories can bring a whole change to how you look.

Ladies make-up should fit in a small pouch and take with you your quality, and long-lasting makeup items. It allows you to stay with your makeup the entire day without retouch.

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Also, a makeup item that can serve more than one purpose is perfect. An example is a foundation that you can also use as a sunscreen or a product that you can use as a makeup remover, toner, and cleanser.

4. Get beauty rest

Whether you will be travelling on a plane, car or train; beauty rest is crucial to having a fresh and relaxed look when you reach your destination. If you want to have your beauty rest, apply a small amount of night cream around the eyes and put on a sleep mask. Beauty rest does not necessarily mean sleeping; you can just put on a mask and relax while meditating.

A pillow is necessary for such a rest as it gives you comfort and helps you sleep better. It also prevents neck pains that come with your neck straining while you get beauty rest.

Other things to consider during downtime are:

  • Drinking water – it keeps you well-hydrated and more refreshed.
  • Do not eat fast food or processed snacks – these types of meal or snack have a high amount of salt and most importantly lack water. Eating healthy snacks and food will not only keep you moisturized and hydrated but also thwart constipation and puffiness.
  • Make rest stops – this is particularly applicable to those travelling on the road. Rest stops help reduce stress levels to help you reach your destination a more energized person.

5. Pack your favourites

Every individual has a few preferences in her wardrobe. These items can include favourite jeans, dress, or top and of course a corset for those who have waist issues. Do you have waist problems and do not have a corset? You only require to buy corset to give an hourglass figure. With your steel boned corset, you can wear body-hugging outfits without feeling conscious of your shape.

lady wearing a white corset


Take amazing photos and let them see your favourites. However, make sure that you select the colours that match with many of your other clothes. Yes, you will look elegant and fashionable in your style.

Every individual wishes to look beautiful while travelling. However, it is not possible to pack everything in your wardrobe for travelling purposes. It is always wise to think about simplicity and comfort while packing to avoid items that are chunky and flashy which will otherwise take more space. Choose clothes that you can wear in multiple styles.

With the above tips, your look will be on point, and you will enjoy your journey with no regrets. Make a habit of adapting the tips each time you travel because you will soon evolve and find travelling more fun than stressing.


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