How to look elegant and stylish as a modern woman

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How to look elegant and stylish as a modern woman

Looking elegant and stylish at all times means much more than just choosing expensive clothing brands. It also includes other aspects of our looks such as a matching pair of shoes, accessories, hairstyles, makeup and mani-pedi, among other things. In order to dress smart and trendy, every woman needs to have some fashion inspiration, on Instagram, or perhaps Pinterest. Even with a few pieces of classic clothing items in solid colours, paired with the right shoes and accessorized properly, every woman can look chic and sophisticated. The trick is to be neat, clean and fresh at all times, without exception. What follows are tips on how to look elegant and stylish as a modern woman.

1. Choose the right clothing items

When talking about the right clothing items, we must mention three important aspects: quality materials, the colour palette and clothing pieces that fit perfectly.

  • Opt for quality materials that will last

One of the key aspects of looking stylish and elegant lies in the choice of materials of clothes in question. It’s always a better idea to choose quality materials which will last a lifetime if cared for in the right way, of course. Some of these materials are classics such as cotton, silk, wool and linen. These materials aspire to a classy vibe. These materials come in many forms, patterns and colours and you can easily find them in any style, from a casual one to a sophisticated one. In order to keep your clothes looking new longer, you must take care of them properly. You can do that by reading the label and following the instructions carefully. And remember, never leave home in wrinkly clothes – that simply doesn’t look elegant and stylish!

  • Consider the colour palette

If looking stylish and chic is a new thing for you, you ought to start slowly. That means combining a neutral colour palette for starters and using colours such as white, beige, black, grey and navy blue. The chances are that you already own some clothing items in these colours. You can never go wrong with these classics. A monochromatic look seems appealing in this case: it combines different shades of the same colour. And when you are comfortable enough with this simple yet elegant style (and perhaps even bored a little), you can move on to some bolder colours and prints. That means adding something in bold colours, such as red pumps, or snake print leather bag or belt to your whole look.

  • Select clothes that fit and flatter your body shape

When choosing the perfect clothes, it’s always essential that they fit perfectly with your body. Clothes you wear should be form-fitting, but not too tight. You should also follow the dress code if we’re talking about business-related events. Skirts and dresses should be just below or above the knee, trousers should fir your height and shoes and blazers should follow your waistline. If necessary, you can always have some pieces altered at your tailor’s in order to make them a perfect fit for you.

2. Wear the perfect shoes

Of course, neither look is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. After choosing clothes, the next thing you need to consider is the choice of shoes. Shoes should look stylish and elegant, yes, but they should also be comfortable, don’t forget that. The colour, print and style of your footwear add a final touch to your look.

3. Accessorize with jewellery

Another key element of an outfit is different kinds of accessories. Accessories are a fantastic way to upgrade your look to a whole new level. You can choose from various types including watches, statement scarves, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, hair accessories and other things. If you wish to look trendy, a subtle way to do that is to get a fashionable ear piercing. Some popular options include snakebites, tragus, conch, Daith, floating cartilage, or a stacked lobe. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard with accessories!

4. Do your hair

You simply can’t achieve a stylish look with oily and messy hair. This doesn’t mean that you should spend hours styling your hair. No. It means you should always keep your hair neat, clean and trimmed and you should experiment until you find some easy ways to style your hair without too much trouble and spending too much time on it. Some classic styles include a sleek bun or a high ponytail, but it will highly depend on each person’s type of hair.

5. Put on some makeup

Putting on some makeup does make a difference to your look. We’re talking about some basic products and face features, not a full-face makeup routine. Basic everyday makeup would include well-shaped brows, voluminous lashes achieved with the help of a curler and mascara, softly blushed cheeks and a pretty lip in either a neutral or a bold colour, depending on the rest of your outfit.

6. Take care of your nails

And of course, last but not the least, taking care of your nails goes without saying. Neat and trimmed, well-taken-care-of nails are always fashionable. Make sure your hands and fingers look nurtured and nails manicured. Use some neutral colours for your nails, a french tip, or a classic red or pink.

As you can see, looking elegant and stylish includes many aspects of our appearances. But what is mutual to all of them is good hygiene, being neat, clean and trimmed, wearing ironed and nice smelling clothes.

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