How to Lose Weight on Holiday in Thailand

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How to Lose Weight on Holiday in Thailand

If you think that you can lose weight by just eating Thai food, then you are mistaken. If anything, by only eating Thai food for the sake of it, you will end up gaining weight. It is easy to be misled because most people living in Thailand are not overweight. But there are rules to follow if you want to lose weight on holiday in Thailand. You will have to stick to Thailand diet programs for men. It goes beyond saying that you will do it; you should go ahead and do the right thing at all times if you need to shed some pounds.

Don’t Eat Pad Thai for Every Meal

Whether you are in Thailand weight loss camp, or just on holiday, you should avoid eating Pad Thai for every meal. Regardless of your location, an average meal of Pad Thai contains 700 to 900 calories per portion. This is almost half of the entire amount of calories you should consume in a day. Unless you want to be the next strongman, eating a 970-calorie meal is ridiculous. This meal also has high levels of fat and sugar. However, if you feel like you can’t do without Pad Thai every day, then you can substitute it with a tofu or vegetable option.

Stick to Your Veggies

If you are serious about losing weight by just eating right, then you should consider eating vegetables at least once every day. You will learn that in Thai, there are always some veggies in every menu you order. However, you need to avoid the ones with vegetables that are smothered into a sauce. Note that in most cases, the sauce is packed with salt and MSG, which might just bloat you. This will just make you feel fatter and even disappointed in yourself. From the vegetarian dishes, make sure that you check the type of veggies that are served just in order to get familiar with them.

Avoid Taking Too Much Sugar

If you ever eat in a Thai restaurant, you will notice that they always try to show you some condiments. These are the things that enhance the flavour of whatever you are eating. You will also realize that they try to provide you with a small amount of sugar as part of the condiments.

Most of the time, they bring brown sugar to the table, and you might be tempted to think that it is better than the white one. But you need to know that sugar is sugar and there is nothing good about it. If you want to stay healthy, avoid touching that sugar. If anything, the food they have brought to the table already has some. All you need is to stir it gently.

Do Enough Exercise

Excess Thai food calories are still bad for your health and should be avoided. Therefore, you have to take part in some physical exercises to help you shed some pounds so that you look lighter and healthier. If you have not been training, make sure, to begin with, some 10-15-minute warm-up before you start your routine.

Throughout the day, you want to ensure that you burn high amounts of calories. Eating Thai food and staying on your desk for at least eight hours a day will not do you any good. You can consider joining Thailand Weight Loss Camp or diet programs for men to help you with your health and fitness goals. These programs are great if you cannot exercise on your own.

Drink A lot of Water

This one is quite a cliché, but it is an important one. First of all, give up sugar and juices and keep it pure water. If you are eating Thai food regularly, then you will be quite dehydrated. You need to have a water bottle that will keep the water cold for longer durations so that you use it to hydrate yourself.

You need to learn how to eat healthy in Thailand as you try to keep your weight and fitness in check. This guide most be followed because you are not going to lose weight by just easting Thai food. Make sure you dedicate yourself to your goal since the process might not be simple.

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