How to Maintain Your Hygiene on the Road

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How to Maintain Your Hygiene on the Road

The importance of maintaining proper hygiene could never be emphasized enough, especially now, in these tough, pandemic times. It’s essential to keep your hands clean, now more than ever. Even though certain travel restrictions are enforced, some, business-related travellings do occur even during the coronavirus. In order to be safe during these trips, you should follow some basics of maintaining proper hygiene. Although some of these tips are implied, you should take them into consideration carefully, as they are important health factors. We’ve comprised a list of some useful hygiene tips for staying fresh when travelling – take a look at them.

1. Be mindful of your daily behaviours and habits

In order to be able to maintain your hygiene on the road, you should be mindful of your daily habits and behaviours. The recent coronavirus outbreak has reminded us about the importance of being aware of the things we touch during our normal day. We tend to do many of these things subconsciously, such as touching our faces and eyes. This wouldn’t be a problem if we didn’t spend some proportion of our day touching public surfaces, which were also touched by thousands and even millions of people. This is especially key when travelling. Pressing buttons in an elevator and touching bars and handles in public transport are all potentially hazardous actions. However, we can’t completely avoid doing all of them. But there are some things you can do to minimize the effects these things might have on your health. For example, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds, using soap and hot water, every time you touch something in public. If that’s not an option for you, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer as first aid, until you get the chance to wash your hands using running water. These actions will make sure that your hands are bacteria-free and that you don’t take them into your organism.

2. Keep your face and body bacteria and germ-free

If you’re staying in hotels during your business trips, then keeping your face and body germ-free isn’t an issue. There you have all the necessary means to keep your hygiene impeccable. However, a problem might arise if, for some reason, you’re going to sleep in your car or on the bus. You need to be extra prepared for situations like these. How would you manage a situation like this? Well, for starters, you’ll have to supply yourself with all kinds of wet wipes and sanitizers for your face and body. Try to copy everything you would do in a normal situation, sleeping in your home or a hotel. That means packing a travel-size moisturizer, deodorant and perfume as well.

3. Don’t forget your oral hygiene

Another key thing that we often overlook is our oral hygiene. Of course, packing a travel-size toothpaste and a toothbrush is implied and expected of everybody. However, sometimes that’s not enough. You can grasp the gravity of this only if it happened to you. People usually travel and take trips, without previously checking with their dentist whether there are some urgent oral issues to be handled. And this type of behaviour can surprise you unpleasantly. That’s why you should visit your local dentist before taking a trip. Search for the best dentist in your area, for example, if you live in Northern Sydney, search for a dentist nearby, if you a Penrith resident, opt for a Penrith dentist, who offers professional and reliable services many people are satisfied with. In that way, you can be sure that an unpleasant toothache won’t happen to you while you’re away.

4. Pack the appropriate clothing items as well as shoes

Packing suitable clothes is yet another crucial factor when it comes to keeping your hygiene levels high. Make sure that you pack the right clothes for the expected weather conditions. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pack for emergencies such as rain or snow. It will also protect you from catching a cold. Take clothes that are breathable, wind and water-proof and that don’t need ironing in order to avoid looking sloppy. Comfy footwear is also fundamental as you’ll be probably spending a lot of your time on foot.

We need to remind ourselves constantly to wash our hands regularly and properly as well as not to touch our faces, mouth and eyes with unsanitized hands. Following these few simple hygiene tips will make sure that you enjoy your trip and get back from it safe and sound.


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