How to Make a Luxurious Kids’ Room on a Budget

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How to Make a Luxurious Kids’ Room on a Budget

Organizing a room for your kids is a fun and interesting experience that will bring you back to your childhood days and inspire you to express your creativity.

That said, you will also get tempted to spend an arm and a leg on this venture, which can be a problem if you don’t work with that big of a budget.

Now, while having lots of money will get you some expensive pretty-looking items, you can achieve the same or a similar effect of luxury and customization without the dough – if you turn on your creativity and start looking at the objects around you as potentially useful for upgrading your kids’ room.

In this article, we’re going to present to you a couple of ideas about how you can enhance your kids’ room without spending a fortune on the undertaking. As you will see, it’s all about investing a little bit of effort and creativity, so as long as you have a little bit of time on your hands and the willingness to attempt to make something with your own ten fingers, chances are – you’re going to have some success decorating your kids’ room on a budget.

Here’s how to do it.

Paint the Room

One of the first steps to decorating any given enclosed area would be to give it a fresh paint job.

The same goes for kids’ rooms.

The thing is since your kids are going to spend most of their young lives in their rooms, the colour of the walls is an important factor for their mood and overall development. This is why you might want to go for soothing colours such as soft orange, blue, or perhaps the safest one of them all – white. (This is the colour you should always go for if you’re not sure what to pick, by the way.)

Of course, you don’t need to paint the room in just a single colour, as you can add different nuances to spice things up, or even add a couple of drawings on the wall, for good measure. To be fair, though, you may want to avoid drawings early on into this project, especially if you’ve never drawn on a wall before.

It’s better to leave the thing as it is and then hang some artwork on it later on than mess the wall up with an awkward drawing and then be forced to redo the entire wall.

Engage in DIY Projects

And by ‘DIY’ projects, we mean everything that you can do yourself so that you don’t have to buy it for the kids’ room.

This includes making pillows, tables, baby cots, rugs, toys, or even buying the parts for a toy and then assembling it on your own. (And with your kids’ help if they’re old enough.) For example, if your kids are into trains and you have an old railway model that you need to patch up, what you can do is order some professionally-made model railway supplies, and then refurbish the broken railway parts yourself.

Also, if you have the know-how, or you’re willing to learn on the go, you can make various other objects yourself. Those are the objects, too, you won’t have to pay for, so that’d be an added benefit.

Use Your Kids’ Artwork

Now, swinging back to the topic of wall decorating – how about you take some of your kids’ drawings and hang them up on the wall as a piece of decoration.

The thing is, no matter how terrible your kids’ are at drawing, the daycare providers and the teachers at school will encourage them to use crayons and other drawing tools of different colours, so even though what they come up with is not that good, at least it will be colourful enough to spice up the room. Also, your kids will probably like the fact that some of their masterpieces are on the wall for everyone to admire.

All in all, making your kids’ room into a pleasant place with plenty of good-looking and useful objects isn’t only achievable if you have a ton of money. With a little bit of effort, some small investments, and a willingness to experiment and learn along the way, you can transform your kids’ room into the place your kids will love to stay in.


I’m Zac Walker, a teacher/writer. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, and teaching is my ultimate passion. My favorite book is “The Magic of Thinking Big” by Dr. Schwartz.

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