How to make an old house look new and luxurious again

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How to make an old house look new and luxurious again

Old houses come with a unique charm but with unique issues, too. Restoring them in a way their original beauty remains unspoiled can sometimes require a lot of money, depending on their state.

Still, there are things you can do that will make them feel new again, adding a touch of luxury and not wasting a lot of time on the project. How to make an old house look new and luxurious again in 6 steps.

1. Paint for hiding imperfections

We all love using paint to give the house a new, fresh look but there’s more to it. Painting the walls, ceiling, and trim in one colour will successfully hide the imperfections that come with an old house.

You probably don’t want to lose the beautiful door details and moulding that are characteristic for a certain era, so the plan should be to preserve them and accent them.

While painting all in one colour, use a bit higher gloss on the trim to draw more attention to it. In case you have opted for dark grey, they will look amazing. In case trim is in good shape, you could try with a neutral contrasting colour, such as blue-green grey. It will also work in every room.

How to make an old house look new and luxurious again

2. Awkward windows solved

In case the windows look weird or are simply in unusual places, no need to do huge works to change the situation. Instead, simply use drapery to hide the windows. That way, a full wall of drapery will do the trick while also allowing enough light to go in. If the windows are high and thin, no reason why you shouldn’t create a feeling of wider windows using oversized draperies that will also give the room a softer touch.

3. Add contemporary furnishings

In general, you don’t have to stick to old-fashioned furniture just because the house is from the same era. What’s more, contemporary furnishings look lovely in a traditional home. If you opt for the right models, they won’t look like they are in strong, odd contrast. Browse for clean lines, soft textures, and colours – extremely modern pieces of furniture will make a big mess out of the room design. Browse for helpful decorating tips for the right decorative items to finalize the look.

How to make an old house look new and luxurious again

4. Entrance improvements

The front of your house needs to have a new, modern look with a hint of tradition. Deal with the door first. If the door is as old as the house, consider keeping it – its charm can be highlighted with a trick or two. The important thing is to make it functional – make sure you get quality door hinges, change the lock if necessary (brushed-nickel doorknob will look lovely) and check if it’s been properly isolated. Next, paint it some vibrant colour like red to make it more vivid.

Add new light fixtures to both the left and the right side of the door and finish it with a doormat in a colourful, modern design. The combination of old and new on the entrance will look welcoming and eye-catching to the guests.

How to make an old house look new and luxurious again

5. Adding garden-inspired furnishings

With some pieces of furniture or with some rooms in the house, you can try adding pieces that look like they have been affected by the weather outside. Woven baskets, patina, and linen create the rustic vibe that goes wonderfully with a traditional home. Even a vintage house number will add to the overall feeling of a lovely, warm rustic home.

6. Kitchen update

Updating the kitchen can include more works than in other rooms – it is where the electrical appliances, plumbing and a lot of cooking happen, so maybe just repainting it won’t be enough.

Of course, start with paint – grey, cream or tan are both modern and go well with traditional elements. If you want to update the cabinets, paint them in black or white. Replace the handles and knobs with those oil-rubbed or brushed nickel ones.

Lighting fixtures can add to the traditional charm – install a chandelier, a few sconces, and overhead lights to create a mix of old and modern.

It’s very easy to create a luxurious look with marble, concrete or granite countertops. Regarding the flooring, old houses can contain asbestos (those built before 1978), so it’s best to put linoleum tiles over the original flooring.

How to make an old house look new and luxurious again

7. Bathroom changes

If you opt for repainting the bathroom, a neutral shade will make the room look larger. Consider adding a vanity with a hickory or oak finish. Another option is to go with a painted vanity that will look sleeker and more modern. Don’t forget about adding a huge mirror framed with a wooden finish. Finally, achieve a modern shine on the floor by adding travertine flooring.

It would be a shame to spoil the original charm of a traditional home by adding too many modern elements. The secret is in a balance between the two. Do one room by one so that you can get inspired during the process. Don’t rush the things, as renovating an old house is a specific task.


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