How to Make the Most of a Business Trip to Sydney

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How to Make the Most of a Business Trip to Sydney

Sydney is an incredible city no matter what the period of the year is. It’s full of luxurious activities and places to visit. Especially, for those on a business trip who want to make the best of their time in it and impress their business partners in the process.

Whether you have only a couple of hours to experience Sydney or your business trip will last few days. There are certain places and things to experience there that will amaze your partners. This is how tomake the most of a business trip to Sydney.

1. Eat like a celebrity

Australian and foreign celebrities have a few of their favourite places in Sydney where they enjoy their meals. Why not allowing yourself to feel like a true celebrity and maybe even get the opportunity to chat with one of them? Visit China Diner, where many Australian celebrities enjoy Asian dishes like sweet pea dumplings. The Bondi Icebergs Dining Room is run by experienced chefs and offers an incredible view of the ocean – no wonder Oprah Winfrey chose it to dine while in Sydney, so why wouldn’t you? Another option is Quay, renowned for its Snow Egg – famous dessert made of finest ingredients. Its chef is known for using only the best local ingredients and products in order to create original Australian cuisine. If you want to have this experience, you need to book a table well in advance, especially if you want one by the window to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Circular Quay.

How to Make the Most of a Business Trip to Sydney

2. A luxury trip to the Hunter Valley

There are few things as luxury as driving a Porsche or Lamborghini down the streets on your way to the Hunter Valley, the perfect place for those who enjoy the most high-quality and expensive wines that the world can offer. Many businessmen go there not only for the unique experience of wine tasting but also for other relaxing activities like going to a spa or playing golf. As a perfect ending to a perfect trip, enjoy the amazing sunrise from a hot-air balloon over the Valley.

3. Glamorous yacht cruise

The Sydney harbour is famous for its beauty, so sailing it is a truly glamorous way of seeing the city in a couple of hours. If your business trip will last at least 2 days, then sailing at night would be an even better option – mesmerizing city lights with the soothing background music and the traditional Australian cuisine with its finest wines and beer will make this yacht cruise the one to remember.

How to Make the Most of a Business Trip to Sydney

4. The ultimate adventure in the air

Want to make an ultimate impression on your business partners? Fly up in the air for a once-in-a-lifetime experience! There are luxury seaplanes at your disposal, while the starting point of the tour is the ocean. From there on, you’ll be able to enjoy the greatest Sydney’s landmarks like the majestic Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Being 20,000 feet above the sea level and soaking in the beauty of Sydney is a top experience of any business trip to this incredible city.

5. High-class shopping

Shopping malls in Sydney are located in beautiful Victorian buildings, like the impressive Strand Arcade and the Queen Victoria Building. All of the prestigious Australian designers’ clothes will be at the reach of your hand, as well as international designers like Jimmy Choo, Versace and Gucci. Even the pickiest shopper will find something to be delighted with. And why not have the ultimate shopping experience? Book a chauffeured Chic in The City tour and have your own stylist guide you through the city in a private car with champagne in search of the best piece of clothing in sophisticated stores.

How to Make the Most of a Business Trip to Sydney


Things to have in mind

Maybe you won’t spend too much time in your accommodation, especially if you have only a day in Sydney. However, the accommodation you choose will say a lot about you to your partners. It isn’t hard to find executive suites in Sydney for exquisite service and magnificent views of the town.

Also, if the business trip is during hot summer months, don’t think about engaging in some serious business on Friday afternoons, simply because it’s the time of the day when even the most ambitious businessmen won’t miss the opportunity to have lunch and enjoy a laid-back afternoon with their colleagues and friends. It would be wise to make a reservation around 1 pm and then just enjoy the afternoon sun after a great meal.

All in all

A business trip to Sydney will be an incredible experience, no matter which one of these unique and luxurious experiences you choose to have. After all, it’s no secret that there isn’t such a thing as too much glamour – and this town has it in abundance.


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