How to Make Your Home Green and Healthy

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How to Make Your Home Green and Healthy

Lately, you’ve been feeling the inclination to make your home more environmentally friendly. There are two possible reasons for this. First, you’re probably a millennial, and you have always felt the urge to look after Mother Nature. Second, you’ve just found out how much green homes are more appealing to potential home buyers and you’re willing to make an effort.

Whatever your reasons may be, here’s a list of big and small changes that you could implement into your lifestyle. These are the steps to make your home green and healthy.

Windows energy efficiency

Eyes are the windows of the soul, but what are your home windows saying about you? Are they properly sealed, or is there some air passing through them even when they are completely shut? There are two ways around this. Either cover all the leaks or invest in buying new windows. Badly insulated windows can contribute to 40% of the heat loss. If you do the maths, you’ll realize the utility bill is going to be much lower with better insulation.

Recycle more

Are you sure you’re doing everything you can to reduce your environmental footprint? What about your ink cartridges, for example? Only 7% of Aussies are refilling them, and a mere 7% recycle them properly which is drastically low.

Recycling needn’t be a burden. Separating your rubbish can become a part of your routine more easily if you remember what it means for the environment. And have some sleek trash cans for the purpose.

New appliances

Don’t be fooled into thinking that energy saving and environment conservation is all about reusing and recycling. Actually, when it comes to home appliances, older versions are in no way recommended since they are normally the biggest energy spenders in the household.

Nowadays, there are plenty of devices with clear indicators that they are energy saving, so it’s high time you ditched your old washing machine.

Use non-toxic paints

Too much attention has been paid to air pollution due to exhaust fumes that people have completely forgotten about the air inside their own homes. The air within a house can be up to three times more toxic than the outside air full of exhaust fumes. Imagine what effect it has on people with respiratory problems.

One of the main culprits is toxic paint. Next time you are planning on painting, avoid VOCs at all costs. They’re also the reason why you used to have those headaches while redecorating.

Get rid of paper towels

A small step for you, but a giant one for mankind. Most of them are very hard to recycle. What is more, paper already makes up for 25% of all landfills. And of course, paper towels are made from trees. No explanation needed. Just start using a cloth instead.

Install LED lights

Indeed, it will take a while to replace all the lights in your home, but once you do it, you probably won’t have to replace a light bulb for another 10 years. According to some data, LED lighting reduces the electricity bill by over 80%. The sum you will save will add up quite nicely when you look at the whole year.

Replace all the leaking taps

A simple leaking tap is wasting three litres of water daily, which is 90 litres a month. This is one of the simplest things you could do, and its effects will be sensed immediately. After all, water is the most precious liquid on earth, and it’s a shame to waste it.

Use natural cleaning products
You can either make your own cleaning products simply by using combinations of vinegar, baking soda or lemon. If you prefer shopping, read the labels carefully to find borax or hydrogen peroxide, which are natural ingredients. You will instantly feel better in a home without harsh chemicals.

To summarise, there are lots of ways to make your home greener, and the reasons for it abound. After all, you’ll not only be protecting the environment but yourself and your family, too.

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