How to make your Live-In relationship work?

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How to make your Live-In relationship work?

You would have read a lot about long-distance relationships – like literally a LOT. Everything about being away from each other, how it feels, how to stay connected when actually not connected and more. But how many of you would invest your time in reading about relationships that are close to each other in terms of proximity but have moved miles away in terms of love.

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There are those relationships which cannot be mended but then – there’s always hope for true love. If you are living together with your wife/girlfriend but have shifted away and the strings that connected your hearts are about to let go, you must make that last attempt to get your live-in relationship to work. Proximity plays an important part here because when your beloved is close, you can do things and experiment with options that would boost your love-life. So, if you have been looking for options that would make your live-in relationship stronger, more loving and most importantly work-out, you can count on the below-mentioned tips.

Talk and listen – in the perfect ratio

One of the major reasons why things start to fall apart between a couple who live together is when they stop communicating with each other. Communicating is not only talking about how you feel and how the other person has made you feel but also includes a big chunk where you have to give your ear to them and listen out to minutest of details. From how the day went to what happened and how the person felt, everything should on the list when you sit down and talk to each other. If you haven’t had a dedicated time for this session, you must – now.

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Touch is essential – in every relationship

Touch always plays an important part when it comes to a relationship. It is not only about the partners but every relationship has its code of touch and it is very important. My pastor told me once that touch is more of assurance and it makes the impact far greater than it actually is. Your relationship should include those gentle touches, minute-long hugs, kisses that melt and more. At the end of the day, touch is what makes the difference with the effective communication between you two.

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Do things that your partner likes

It is more like that phase when you started to woo each other when your relationship started. I used to cook for my partner her favourite chicken biryani and also wore the men’s underwear that she bought me on special occasions. She loved seeing me in them. This is one way where you can remind your partner that you still care about his/her likes, dislikes, choices and more. It is not about wooing them all over again but actually getting them to understand that you are starting over and that’s exactly what they should do too.


Let things heal and be patient

While you are trying to bring back the spark in your relationship, you mustn’t do it all at the same time. Doing all the things one after the other would be a lot for them to take at once. Just invest in the options step by step and let the things sink-in and enjoy every part of it as you strengthen your bond of love. Patience is a virtue and you must have this if you want to heal within and let your partner heal too.


There are so many other impacting yet smaller things that you can incorporate for your every-day life. Starting from helping each other in the household chores, dancing on the favourite tunes, planning surprises to a lot more things. Just be yourself and have the aim of bettering your relationship because nobody else will do that for you.

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