How to Make Your Valentine’s Day Proposal Unforgettable

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How to Make Your Valentine’s Day Proposal Unforgettable

Valentine’s Day has a special aura of enormous passion that makes it a unique time to extend a romantic gesture. If you top it off with a memorable Valentine’s Day proposal, it becomes a piece of heaven. You know why? You are not just showing that your heart belongs to your sweetheart. You are saying that you want them to have it for the rest of your life. Then how do you make your VAlentine’s Day proposal unforgettable?

Yet with every special moment, the last thing you want is a proposal so regular that you forget it as time lapses. After gathering the blend of courage and love to propose, there are few ways to make the memory you create last a lifetime. Here is the dose of creativity, fun, and romance that will make your proposal magical.

Four Ways to Make Your Valentine’s Proposal Memorable

The success of the method you choose to makes your proposal unique depends on your lover’s personality. So take the time to judge which of the following tricks would tickle her fancy and create a permanent memory.

1. Surprise, Surprise!

As they say, people may forget what you said, but they never forget what you made them feel. Surprising her with a proposal on Valentine’s Day will create a memory no words can. To include the surprise element, you can spend the day together doing something she likes. As the evening unfolds, and she has decided you probably won’t propose, pop the question. If it’s impossible to wait the entire day, take her out on a coffee date. Make an arrangement to have her cup have the “Will you marry question” at the bottom, such that she sees it after her last sip.

2. Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

If you are thinking about proposing, chances are that your relationship is months or years old and features some romantic memories. You may recreate a special moment, including the food you had and wearing the clothes you wore. Once you are ready, hire a classic car via DreamRides, take her down to the spot, and let the ring do the talking.

3. Let the Music Take Control

Almost everyone has that particular song that gives them goosebumps. Find the jam that does that for her and weave some creativity into it to make it magical. How about practising it to your best vocals performing it for her live on Valentine’s right before you propose? Or have the local radio station call her and dedicate the song to her and propose afterwards? It’s a fun way to create extraordinary proposal memories.

4. Try the Getaway Trick

While your home is special, a mini-vacation or trip while dating on Valentine’s Day may do a proposal a lot of good. If you and your sweetheart laugh at the stupid little things you do, the good old blindfold until you get to the proposal area will work. Alternatively, you can create a candy hearts trail that leads to the ring.

5. Let a Proposal Make Your Valentine’s Day Special

While Valentine’s is a perfect day to create memories with your dearest, a proposal on the D-day would make the reminiscences last forever. After employing the approaches discussed, remember to have a flawless ring on the ready. Of course, you can take a picture of the perfect moment to bring the memories to life every time you peruse through your photo album.


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