How to pack for travel like a real pro.

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How to pack for travel like a real pro.

IT consultant turned travel blogger, Tom Ayzenberg, posted the viral video on how to pack like a pro. In this short video he demonstrates his mothers wrapping packing techniques which he calls ‘clown car style’ because of its impressive space-saving potential.

This viral video has already been viewed eight million times. At the beginning of the video Tom says “I’m going to pack all this stuff into this bag” as you see a month’s worth of jeans, shoes, and t-shirts alongside a small backpack carry on bag. Which at this point you think – ‘Yeah, you try mate, good luck!

You won’t believe your eyes as Tom demonstrates his mother extremely successful packing hack.

There are a many great ways to pack a suitcase, but if you are looking for a way to get more into your bag, this video is for you. Under two minutes Tom demonstrates how you can fit a ton of stuff into a tiny suitcase.

Tom uses a combination of bundle method, rolling clothes up and the result is amazing.

While many other methods reduce wrinkles and creasing, bundling all but eliminates them. Below is a diagram to remind you how to do it right:


This video below is a definite a must watching, especially if you travel a lot and never seem to be able to pack everything into your small bag. Forget spending money on big suitcases and worse of all dragging them around.


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