How to Plan a Perfect Backyard Birthday Party

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How to Plan a Perfect Backyard Birthday Party

If you like to throw your birthday parties in style, then having one outdoors and dining al fresco can be the next big event everyone will talk about for months. From enjoying the pleasant surroundings and lush greenery to birds chirping without having to put up with stifling indoors, you’ll benefit greatly from celebrating the big day in your backyard. However, in order to organize a fabulous event, you’ll need proper guidance. This is how to plan a perfect backyard birthday party.

Create the menu

Planning a menu for your backyard bash should include a variety of savoury and sweet treats that your guests can enjoy either while sitting down or standing up. A buffet with a variety of food options such as vegan or gluten-free meals is always a good idea because you never know if somebody has suddenly become allergic or intolerant of certain food. Consider having separate stations for salads, meats, vegetables, and desserts to prevent holdups for popular finger food and snacks. What you’ll find very convenient with a buffet is that you won’t have to keep an eye out for everyone and worry if somebody’s plate needs refilling. Everyone will be able to eat whenever and whatever they feel like, not having to worry about sitting at the table all the time. 

Take care of landscaping

Once you’ve thought about the food you want to serve, it’s time to take a look at the backyard and figure out if it needs any major work done. Depending on the weather and the season, shrubs might need trimming, your grass might require mowing, so be sure to look for mowing service in your area and have the outdoors cleaned up and sorted nicely for your party. The pests will probably be an issue that you’ll need to deal with before the party, so for starters be sure not to have any standing water around the yard. It’ll be a spending breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects, so take care the grass is dry and no puddles are left anywhere. Strategically placed fans will successfully fight off mosquitos, and to protect the food from insects cover it with insect-proof lids or netting.

Set the mood with lights and decor

If you’ve decided to host a party in the evening to avoid the heat, it would be a good idea to hang some string lights on the trees or over your porch, a gazebo or wherever is convenient. Delicate white and yellow lights will set the perfect mood, allowing your guests to enjoy the romantic and intimate ambience. Candles and lanterns will be a great addition to string lights, allowing your guests to have just enough light to see each other while chatting without sacrificing the ambience. If you use colourful lanterns, it will double up as fabulous decoration too. Incorporate lively colourful table cloths, paper cups and plates, along with hanging decorations in the complementary colours to make the exterior décor cohesive. 

Come up with exciting activities

While some people prefer to simply mingle and chat for a while with various people, others will be more than happy to participate in various games. So, you might want to consider having several areas where people can play charades, for example, or have fun with karaoke. If children will be attending the party, a pinata will keep them busy for a while, just as water sport activities would.

Final thoughts

Hosting a party will require lots of brainstorming and organisation, but if you take your time think it through with all the important details in mind you won’t have any issue throwing the perfect bash. Keep our suggestions in mind, and everyone will have the best time at the party.

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