How to Practice Self Care With 5 Easy Steps

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How to Practice Self Care With 5 Easy Steps

‘Selfishness’ is among those words which have been condemned so badly in today’s society. Being selfish only means that you are taking the best care of yourself; so, that you can respond well to the events around you. What most people fail to understand is that one can share happiness only when they themselves are happy. It is impossible to share things with others if we do not have them in place.

In this article, we will see those little ways in which we all can take the best care of ourselves. By being the strongest version of ourselves, we will see how our selfishness becomes the greatest form of altruism possible. So, let us get started with it. How to practice self-care with easy steps.

1. Practice Self Care

Being committed to working on yourself daily will reap huge results sooner or later. To start with, you may consider giving a boost to your overall hygiene. This is important as almost all infections and allergies occur because of a lack of sanitation. If you are frequently ill, it can terribly hamper you both personally and professionally. 

Wash your hands often as it helps you to stay clear of harmful germs that invite many kinds of diseases. When your hands are clean, the chances of getting infected by viruses and bacteria will be very low. Secondly, you should exercise regularly so that you always have a robust immunity to fight illnesses. 

2. Add More Fruits & Veggies to your Diet

The importance of adding green vegetables and fruits to your diet cannot be overemphasized enough. Both of them are rich in essential vitamins and minerals for fortifying the natural immunity in human beings. Also, most vegetables and fruits are loaded with fibre that satisfies the appetite and also ensures healthy digestion.

Moreover, fruits & veggies are easy to eat on the go, saving you a lot of time to do your personal stuff. By going green, you will be producing a tremendous amount of energy for accomplishing your daily tasks. 

3. Declutter

You might have noticed how peaceful you feel once you are done with the cleaning of your house. Studies have shown that decluttering your house can significantly reduce anxiety and depression in a person as extra stuff always creates stress, in some form or the other. 

Removing unnecessary items from your house is a cleansing experience in itself as it makes you feel lighter and gives you more room to breathe. Plus, you won’t be distracted from your work as everything would be neat and clean in front of you. Not to forget. By decluttering you can save huge time in the future as you won’t be engaged in the cleaning work anymore. 

4. Shun Cigarettes

One can’t have sound physical and mental health if he or she is pursuing the habit of smoking. Standard cigarettes consist of tobacco as the main constituent which contains over 3000 harmful chemicals that can wreak havoc to our health. There is not one area in the human body that doesn’t get affected because of cigarettes.

At the same time, it is also true that smoking is one of those addictions that is extremely hard to quit. Abrupt withdrawal of cigarettes happens only in rare cases. Hence, it is imperative that folks hooked on cigarettes get some useful alternatives. Stores like SuperVapeStore offer gadgets known as electronic cigarettes which mimic the standard cigarettes, while entirely avoiding the toxic tobacco.  This device also helps in fighting withdrawal symptoms effectively as you can tweak the nicotine levels through it. 

5. Try Meditating

Meditation or mindfulness is a technique that helps you to be a witness to your thoughts and emotions. When you are a mere observer of the thoughts within your head, you tend to be calmer while dealing with stressful situations rather than just jumping on the gun. Most of the problems in our life occur when we react to a situation, instead of acting. We get carried away by all the negative thoughts in our heads which worsen the problems even further. 

You will notice that whenever you are mindful, you judge situations better and take decisions that go truly in your favour. Meditation is indeed a technique that will do wonders in your life. 


You have just seen some of the highly useful tips to provide yourself with the best care possible. Remember, the greatest form of altruism can only be achieved by being selfish. You can only share joy once you have attained the greatest form of bliss in your life. The above tips shall hopefully help you to find that peace and ecstasy you always longed for. 

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