How to Prepare Your House Before Selling It

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How to Prepare Your House Before Selling It

With the real estate market constantly changing, if you want to sell your house, you need to improve it to be sure you’ll get the right price. People usually have high expectations from their realtors and set a high price without even thinking about making a compromise. We all think about the emotional value of our homes and tend to forget that we can’t put a price on our memories. We need to be realistic about the value of our home and maybe try to improve it before making a sale.

Start with painting

How to Prepare Your House Before Selling It

This is probably the easiest task, but also one that can really make a difference and give your house a much cleaner look. By revitalizing your walls with a fresh coat of paint, every room will feel different even if you leave it unfurnished. Don’t overthink colour choices, but keep it simple – light shades and neutral colours will do. By painting everything this way, you’ll give the potential buyers a chance to look at your house as a blank canvas where they can upgrade everything in accordance with their own style.

Get rid of the clutter

Although it sounds tempting to add decorations and make everything cosy and inviting, insisting on your own style can be counterproductive. On your open house day, there will be people who won’t be able to imagine themselves living there because of all your personalized items. So, put away your family photos, memorabilia and everything you have displayed, and just place few candles instead.

Improve your bathroom

How to Prepare Your House Before Selling It

Simple updates like replacing your faucet, installing new cabinet handles or adding new towels can make a significant difference and change the look of your bathroom. If you want to invest more money, you can replace the shower doors or the toilet. To avoid any additional problems, call a reliable plumber from Canberra to check your plumbing just to be sure that everything is in order. Also, buyers expect upgraded vanities, so buy some cheap ones and simply replace its knobs to make it feel more sophisticated.

Update little details

Some of the most overlooked details in any house are lighting, door knobs and drawer pulls, and people often think that these don’t really matter that much. On the contrary, by replacing them you’ll completely change the look of every room, no matter how small these items may seem. If a room is a bit dark and there’s not enough natural light, just place a nice lamp and keep it on at all times. Additional light fixtures can present your room in a completely new light and enhance its beauty.

Update your kitchen cabinets

How to Prepare Your House Before Selling It

You can buy cheap paint and repaint your kitchen cabinets, or if you have the time, play with emery paper to create a shabby, chic feeling. Apart from that, you can always use wallpapers – choosing an interesting pattern can really boost the overall design. If you want to create a modern style, install new concrete countertops that won’t cost too much but take your kitchen to a whole new level. The most apparent update is getting new appliances, and although it’s expensive, this is an investment that’s totally worth every dime.

Pay attention to the backyard

Even if you think your backyard is spotless, there’s always something that can be improved. Before the potential buyers come, mow your lawn and check your plants to see if you need to remove them. Additionally, clean your yard, go through all the clutter you keep outside, place it in your garage or a shed, and organize it properly. Clean your driveway and all concrete surfaces because that will show the buyers that the rest of your house is also clean and organized. Check your roof for potential leakage, unless you want to make the potential new homeowners think your walls are wet and your house is full of mould every time it rains.

How to Prepare Your House Before Selling It

The only thing left to do is moving your furniture to make more open space and create a natural flow when people start walking through your house. Leave the kitchen for the end, make some fresh lemonade and let your realtor say a few positive things about your house. You can also accentuate the positive sides of your neighbourhood to show the potential buyers how it feels to live there.

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