How to Prevent Head Rush When You do Yoga

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How to Prevent Head Rush When You do Yoga

Yoga in Melbourne has become more and more popular, but if you’re experiencing a head rush during class, it can compromise your enjoyment. Head rushes or orthostatic hypotension can affect your hearing, blur your vision and make you feel dizzy. It is usually temporary and happens due to a sudden drop in your blood pressure. This can occur when you’re standing up quickly, such as when you’re doing sun salutations. So, here we’ll explore how you can handle head rushes to avoid problems when you visit Melbourne yoga studios or yoga somewhere scenic. This is how to prevent head rush when you do yoga. This is how to Prevent Head Rush When You do Yoga 

Drink Plenty of Water

While head rushes can be a symptom of more serious medical conditions, they can also be caused by dehydration. Although a visit to Melbourne yoga studios may not seem as strenuous as a trip to the gym, dehydration can sneak up on anyone and this can contribute to cramps and head rushes. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the entire day, particularly when you’re planning on attending a yoga class. Remember that you will be losing water throughout the class, so you’ll need to replenish your fluid levels after class to avoid experiencing head rushes on your way home.

Stand Slowly

If you have experienced head rushes and feel prone to them, try to stand more slowly. Rising into a standing position more slowly will give your body a little time to equalise your blood pressure. This is particularly important if you have had your head hanging down for a while in a prolonged forward bend. While this may make you feel self-conscious in a flow class, yoga is about listening to your body, so instructors appreciate that everyone needs to go at their own pace. If you experience head rushes frequently, it is worth mentioning it to your instructor as they may be able to assist you in transitioning more slowly to avoid feeling dizzy.

Get Back Down

If you do find yourself experiencing a head rush, bowing your head; tucking your chin down towards your chest can alleviate lightheadedness. If you’re still struggling, bend forward into an Ardha Uttanasana position until the feeling passes. Remember that sudden movements can make the lightheadedness feel worse, so if the head rush feels severe, sit down and wait for the moment to pass.

Consult a Healthcare Professional

If you are prone to head rushes, it is well worth consulting a healthcare professional. There are a number of medical conditions that can cause lightheadedness. Even something simple such as a minor ear infection can affect your balance and cause lightheadedness and head rushes, so it is well worth getting checked out. You may find that a simple ear infection treatment can resolve your head rush issues and allow you to enjoy your yoga class and other aspects of your life without feeling dizzy or lightheaded.

If you are considering yoga in Melbourne, you should speak to us. We are an established Melbourne yoga studios offering a wide range of classes to suit all experience levels. You’ll find our instructors ready to answer any queries to help you alleviate head rushes and enjoy your yoga classes.

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