How to Prevent Injury from Sports and Exercise

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How to Prevent Injury from Sports and Exercise

Working out might not always be your definition of fun, but it’s super important for your overall health—except, of course, when you accidentally injure yourself. Injury from exercise and sports is more common than you’d think, but it doesn’t have to be., These five tips help you keep injuries at bay without sacrificing the quality of your workout. In fact, they could even make it more effective. Read on to find easy ways to incorporate into your exercise to help protect your body and prevent unnecessary injury.

1. Use a Trainer

The best way to prevent injury is to not put yourself in a position to injure yourself in the first place. That might sound obvious, but it can be tough to know if you’re using proper form—especially if you’ve never had anyone show you before. Using a personal trainer or coach (at least for a few sessions) to show you exactly how to move while still getting the most effective workout is crucial, or else you could keep using the wrong form for years and develop a chronic injury. If you have an old injury that flares up occasionally, get it treated by the best physiotherapists you can find avoid any further damage.

How to Prevent Injury from Sports and Exercise

2. Warm Up and Stretch

Too many people skip the warm-up or the post-workout stretch (or both!) in the interest of time or laziness, but this is a huge mistake. Warming up your muscles before working them helps loosen them and increase blood flow, while also getting you focused on the workout ahead so that you don’t make mistakes – find the best warm-up exercises. Stretching after your workout not only helps you cool down but could help prevent some muscle soreness. It doesn’t have to be long, but 5-10 minutes of each can make a big difference in how you feel after a workout.

3. Introduce Cross Training

If you stick to one exercise program and nothing else, chances are you’re going to overwork those muscles. Cross training ensures you work your whole body evenly so that no one muscle feels too much of a strain. Plus, strength training ensures you have the support you need to keep the injuries at bay; if you don’t have a strong core, your other muscles and joints have to take the brunt.  

How to Prevent Injury from Sports and Exercise

4. Wear Proper Workout Attire

Wearing proper workout attire is surprisingly important, and not just for the fantastic selfies. It helps cushion and supports your body so that you can move easily during your workout. All shoes aren’t made equal, so wear the right shoes for your specific workout, whether you’re running, doing a class at the gym, hiking, or weightlifting. Plus, shoes wear down pretty quickly, which can affect everything from your gait to how you carry your body weight.  

5. Listen to Your Body

At the end of the day, your body knows exactly what it can and can’t handle, and when it’s being pushed past its limits. If anything starts to feel painful beyond the normal muscle soreness, stop your workout and figure out what you’re doing incorrectly. It could even be that you’re overworking yourself and your body is starting to show signs of strain, so keep a close eye on how you’re feeling; after all, rest days are necessary for a reason: your body needs to rest to rebuild.


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