How to Protect Your Car from Being Stolen

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How to Protect Your Car from Being Stolen

Even if you are not living in GTA, the chances of your car being stolen are still there. And rising…

Maybe you can’t fix the world, but you can make the job harder for car burglars.

Back in the old days, car theft tools were merely coat hangers. Today, with all the technologies lying around; the possibility of getting your car stolen is higher, and the tools are more advanced.

Here are some tips to secure your car and sleep between the clouds, not worrying about anything.

Of course, getting insurance on your car is a must; but insurance companies can only help partly when things get serious. So, here are some ways to decrease the possibility of waking up in the morning not finding your car where you parked it, of course, if you didn’t sell your car the night before.

Don’t leave valuable stuff on the seats

Leaving your laptop bag, even if the laptop isn’t there; is more than enough reason for thieves to break your window. So is leaving your wallet or some money around. 50$ in the side door pocket could cost you more than 100$ for each window. So avoid leaving any eye-catching items visible to passers-by. Instead, if you had to leave something in the car just put it in the trunk, or your dashboard drawer.

Install an alarm system

Some models have a built-in alarm system, while others don’t. If your car doesn’t have such a system, it is recommended to install one. Even if it takes time to reach your car upon hearing the alarm; still the glancing light of it will make the thief think twice before breaking into your car.

Steering wheel lock

Locking the steering wheel is a cheap and effective way to prevent theft. Although this lock placed across the steering wheel has a special key; it can still be opened by using other tools. The process, however, is very hard and long for the thief. Plus, it will cause a lot of noise and draw attention toward the car.

Wheel lock

There are two kinds of these locks. The first is the “security tire clamp” used by the police when a car is parked somewhere illegally. Essentially, it is locking one rim to prevent the car from moving; this kind takes a lot of time to put and remove. Besides, if the burglar is over your hot shiny rims, he will still have three more rims to steal.

The other kind is the wheel nut lock, which is cheaper and more effective. It is a small lock on each rim that can’t be removed with any other key other than its own. There is no need to take this lock off and put it back each time like the first one. Always place the key in a safe place; without the key, you need to go to the garage to remove the lock.

Immobilizer chip

Almost every car since 1998 has an immobilizer chip. This electronic chip prevents the car from starting unless the correct transponder is present. This is actually one of the most effective anti-theft systems.

With a coded key and an immobilizer chip, the best a thief can do; is tow the car but not run its motor.

Nevertheless, with new models and push-button start, the possibility of stealing a car is much higher. Thieves can catch the transmission signal of the key fob and reprogramme the car to be opened and started. However, you can buy a Faraday cage or pouch that blocks the radio frequency signal; the fob sends as long as the key fob is in the pouch.

Pull the starter relay

One of the oldest anti-theft ideas is pulling the starter fuse. By pulling this fuse, the car will not start; and it will cost the thief more time and effort to check which relay is pulled.

Parking spot

Choosing the right spot to park can be very useful. Always look for well-lit spots in the nighttime, and, crowded parking spots in the day. It is also preferable if you could park near a security camera. Even if a burglar steals your car; the police can identify him and get your car back.

Turn the car off

This is a no-brainer… never leave your engine turned on when getting out of the car; even if you are leaving for a few seconds. Turn the car off the minute you leave it because theft can happen within few seconds.

Never leave the keys inside the car

Even when you park in a relatively safe area, never leave your car keys inside it. Thieves are always looking for cars with keys inside. After all, they are the easiest job.

Make sure your car is locked

Always check if you have locked your car upon leaving it, which includes the windows and the sunroof.

Protecting your car is your responsibility. Make sure you are doing your best to keep the bad guys away; by making their job harder. Keep in mind, installing security systems will always increase the value of your car if you decide to keep it or cash it.

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