How To Protect Your Rugs & Carpets During Parties

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How To Protect Your Rugs & Carpets During Parties

For most homeowners out there, holiday parties can prove to be some of the warmest & costliest moments over the entire year. However, such parties can also prove to be disastrous for your beautiful carpets & rugs. With all the enjoyment & celebrations comes drinking & eating, leading to the risks of staining carpets & rugs in the process. 

Thus, protecting your carpets and rugs especially when you’re planning to have a house party is extremely essential. To assist you with the same, we are sharing some proper techniques that you can implement to ensure that your carpets & rugs stay intact over time. Procedures To Follow To Keep Your Carpets & Rugs Protected During House Parties. This is how to protect your rugs & carpets during parties.

1. Performing Proper Planning

According to professional service providers for hand rug wash, you have to plan ahead of your party schedule regarding the methods on how you’ll protect the rugs & carpets. For starters, we suggest getting your carpet or rug cleaned by professional cleaners, just a couple of days before the party is scheduled to take place. 

Cleaning your carpets before the party is not only about making your home look cleaner but also offering a psychological basis before the party for the guests. For instance, if you keep your carpets & rugs unclean, then your guests will not be too happy to see the same when they’ll visit your home during the party session. 

Moreover, when your guests will see how clean your rugs & carpets are, they’ll be extra careful with their foods & drinks, so that they don’t spill & destroy the carpets and rugs. 

2. Proceed To Cover Up

It’s suggested that you invest in some low-cost carpet & rug covers. Use these covers to protect your carpets & rugs from any damage during the party session. Apart from offering primary protection, such covers will also help in providing you that peace of mind, knowing that your precious rugs & carpets will be safe and there will be minimal risks of damage. 

3. Consider Removing Carpets & Rugs

If any of your rug or carpet has become old or it’s a costly piece of decor that you don’t want to spoil, then the best solution would be to remove the same beforehand. Store your carpets & rugs away elsewhere and after the party session concludes, proceed to use them again. 

4. Use Folding Tables

Since a party session will include the consumption of lots of foods & drinks, you have to make proper arrangements to ensure that your guests have the place to keep their food & drinks. Purchasing some folding tables would be a good idea because the tables will protect your rugs & carpets from food & drink spills. 

5. Create No-Walking Spaces

If you want your party space to be restricted to a single area, you need to create no-walking zones for the other areas, so that the other carpets & rugs around your home stay clean & tidy. 

To do that, you have to select a party space that’s a little bit separated from the rest of your home area and you also need to explain the same to each of your guests, so that they don’t venture out towards the other parts of your home. 

6. Proper Monitoring

When the party is ongoing, you can proceed to walk around the party space and maybe politely ask your guests to move away from any food or drinks, far away from your carpets or rugs (in case the food or drink is dangerously positioned and on the verge of spilling). 

Once the party concludes, ensure to take a large garbage bag, collect all the leftover food & drinks, and then throw them away without any delay. Such a scenario will limit the overall chances of spillage. 

Lastly, be sure to enjoy your party and have a good time!


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