How to reheat your pizza leftover

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How to reheat your pizza leftover

Pizza lovers your answers to perfect, satisfying pizza every time is been answered and it’s not as hard as you think. Learn how to reheat your pizza leftover.

You have tried to reheat your pizza leftover in the microwave and that was a sad, sad day because your once crispy pizza turned out soggy. You tried the oven and not bad but it takes too long….

What you haven’t tried yet, or maybe you have but for those who do not know, here’s the perfect alternative. How to reheat you pizza leftover the right way.(How to cook perfectly hard-boiled eggs)

If you want pizza as fresh tasting as when you had it from your favourite pizza delivery joint, watch this video below by Chef John from Food Wishes as he demonstrates the best method. Where your pizza leftover is as crispy, satisfying as the first time you had it. All you need is frying pan with a lid.


In as short time as it would take you in a microwave, you’ll have pizza leftover that is as tasty, satisfying and as fresh as when you got it from the pizza shop the night before.

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