How to Stylishly Catify Your Spaces

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How to Stylishly Catify Your Spaces

“Naughty, jumpy, fluffy, purry…… Whom Am I Talking About?” Of course, none other than your four-legged beauty that has adorned your house with its cuteness and playfulness. Cats being affectionate and self reliant are the world’s most popular pets outnumbering the dogs. Cats are known for burrowing in and ruling your heart as well as your home.

Catification simply means to adapt your house or apartment according to the natural needs of your feline buddy. It primarily aims at creating a feline-friendly environment without sacrificing your home decorations. A cat that is comfy and confident in its territory is likely to give you a pleasurable pethood. A careful observation of your cat’s behaviour is the first step in customizing your surroundings. Be watchful of your fur buddy the moment it walks into the room. If it perches on the arm of a couch, it is a call for hangouts with a good view. But, if it nestles under the chair, it is yearning for small cozy areas.

There are multiple easy and affordable ways to stylishly catify your space. These inclusions will make a positive impact on the behaviour of your feline buddy. A couple of ideas for catification are :


The best way to create a cat-friendly environment for your feline friend is by creating a cat patio “Catio”. This should be a cat space catering to its instinctive behavioural needs. Catios can be beautifully furnished with cat towers, trees, scratching posts, and different type of grasses thus providing a free environment to play and enjoy. Being a sunroom for the cat, a catio lets your cuddle partner have enough vitamin D while enjoying the secure outdoors. Catios are the best choice for a multi-cat house with a large area.

Create vertical spaces

Cats are natural climbers. They are keen to explore different levels. Your fur buddy sees its territory in terms of height, not area. This gives the cat a sense of security and a place to view its domain. A cat tree is the best option providing multiple levels to climb along with the added benefit of using it as a scratching post. Window beds are another option providing a high up resting place for your climber. You can create your homemade climbing trees with nice arrangements of large branches, scrap wood etc. Besides these, wooden perches and climbing ladders are other available alternatives for the vertical spaces.

Provide Scratching posts

Scratching is a natural feline behaviour serving multiple purposes like enabling the cat to mark its territory through scent markers from glands in its feet or helping it to get a full body stretch by digging its claws into something. Though scratching is a natural trait, cat owners highly detest it when their rugs, furniture and curtains are shredded. The best way is to introduce a scratching post after careful observation of your feline’s behaviour. The best scratching post is the one that is made up of the material that your cat often likes to scratch. Never forget that a cat likes to scratch in a high traffic area rather than at a secluded place.

Create cocoons

Cats often need a space they can claim to be “their own”. This is the most needed space when a cat is stressed or it just wants to relax.  It is highly advisable to create a safe semi-enclosed cocoon where your feline buddy can relax without being disturbed. A stylishly designed cat bed under a table or desk makes a cozy cocoon. You can give your furry companion a fantastic and comfortable hiding place by simply using a card box and lining it with a cozy blanket and soft fury material. Of course, you can apply your aesthetics to adorn this box with colourful patterns to make it a nice fit with your interiors. Additionally, at pet stores, you can opt for tunnels and igloo style beds that provide both shelter and a hidey-place.

Provide a room with a view

We have often seen cats hanging out on the window sills and enjoying the outside view. This innate trait of your feline buddy should be catered well by providing it with a window ledge or putting a table next to a window to peek out. Or you can attach a hanging bed close to the window to let your cat enjoy the outside world. BUT be mindful of the selection of the window for this purpose because stressful outdoors can disturb your cat. Cats also enjoy the internal view of their house by sitting at a perch and observing their surroundings.

 Ensure a clean litter system

Your fur buddy with all its cuteness turns into a disgusting creature when it messes up with the litter trays. An enjoyable feline experience calls for adopting a clean litter system. Well-designed litter trays with enough depth and space for the cat to move are highly recommended. The right selection of the litter with timely scooping ensures odour free surroundings. Interestingly, a cat is likely to defecate outside the litter box if it is not cleaned properly. For those who dislike cleaning litter, a fully automated cat self-cleaning system is available bringing more ease into your life. Cats like to eliminate at a quiet place because they are equally conscious about their privacy, therefore, litter trays should be placed accordingly.

Have plenty of toys

Cats need regular play as a form of exercise and mental stimulation. If you are out of the house for longer hours, interactive toys are the best option. But your face time with your fur buddy surpasses all the joys.

In short, giving an enriched environment to your feline friend is significant for its emotional and physical health. A happy and healthy feline doubles the joys of your life with its cuteness and lovely cuddles. A cat that is declined access to cat-centric things is likely to create havoc in your life thus driving you crazy.

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