How to Treat Your Ageing Parents with Love & Dignity

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How to Treat Your Ageing Parents with Love & Dignity

From the day we are born our parents are there, taking care that our every need is met. We are safe and protected and get to become the people we are today. However, no matter how much our parents are trying to be there for us every step of the way, there comes a time when the roles are changed, and it us who need to take care of our parents. It is an opportunity to give back at least part of what they have given us over the course of our life so far. How to treat your ageing parents with love & dignity?

Increase the communication

As we grow older and have our own families, the amount of contact that we maintain with our parents lessen. It becomes a single phone call every week and a few family gatherings over the years. The lucky ones have their parents nearby and get to visit them more often. But as our parents get older they will need a bit more help with everyday stuff, but also a bit more attention, someone to listen to them. This is the ideal opportunity to show your appreciation for everything they have done for you. Start by increasing the number of times you talk on the phone. Ask if they need help with some of the chores, and if possible, make visits more frequent. That way you can check up on how they are doing and see for yourself if there is anything more you can do for them.

Make the tough choices

At some point, your parents will need daily help with their day-to-day activities, and this is ok. It is a part of the ageing process, but it is up to you to find them the right sort of help. One option is to have them move in with you, naturally, for some families, this is not an option either due to inner family relations or the lack of physical space. You can opt to get them home care, to have someone come in daily and take care of their every need.

You also have the option that is widely popular in most western countries including Australia, and that is to find them a great nursing home that has a good community and a good medical care program. Luckily, there are numerous available nursing homes in Sydney and other major cities that can be just perfect. Before you make any decisions you have to have a sit-down with your parents and see what they want. Be prepared for a bit of stubbornness, no one wants to admit that they need help and that their independence is diminishing. But have patience, be supportive and you will come to the best possible concussion that both you and your parents will be comfortable with.

Treat them with respect

Regardless of what you might think are the best life choices for your aging parents, you need to take their desires and opinions into consideration. They still have a lot to teach you, and it is important to listen and have respect for what they have to say and even improve your relationship. They have earned it.

At times we forget our roles, especially as our parent get older and their mind starts failing them. It is important to remember that we still owe them respect and that in many ways they can still provide us with knowledge and advice. So don’t dismiss what they have to say, do your best to be patient and show them the love you have for them, that way they’ll know how important they are to you, and that regardless of their age and mental state you still look up to them and respect their opinion.

These are just some of the ways we can treat our aging parents, there are many other approaches and options. But in the centre of it all is always love and respect. They have provided us with unconditional love and support throughout our lives, it is only natural that we give back at least some of it. After all, we are all they have, we are their biggest investment, and it is up to us to make it worth their while. Do whatever it takes so that, when they are no longer here with us you have no regrets.

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