How to use Instagram to boost your fitness influencer status

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How to use Instagram to boost your fitness influencer status

An Instagram influencer is one of the primary career choices in this day and age. According to a recent survey, marketers spent over $570 million on Instagram marketing the past year. This abundance of opportunity is what is bringing more and more users to Instagram. If you are a fitness fanatic, then this is your chance to be an influencer and affect your followers’ lives by showing them a better way of life.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that Instagram is more than just sharing posts and photos. Instagram marketing for a fitness influencer can be a dream job, but you need to get it done the right way. So, if you are wondering what it takes to make it big, here is a comprehensive post for you. How to use Instagram to boost your fitness influencer status.

Choose the niche wisely

You can’t just get famous for being famous. This is why you need to put in the hard work. It would help if you worked out the niche for your profile. You can choose to be a fitness influencer, a lifestyle influencer, or a motivational influencer. Remember that every niche has its audience, and you need to master every trick in the book to keep the users hooked to your content. Once you start attracting your target audience regularly, you will find that brands are willing to work with you.

Switch to the business profile

The most important tip for an influencer Instagram account is using the business profile instead of the personal profile. Sure, you can have a personal profile, but you need to run a separate business profile easily identifiable to you. The business profile is vital due to several reasons. Firstly, you will have access to all the insights and analytics that will enable you to strategize and plan your future posts better. When advertisers and brands start working with you, they will need the numbers as proof of meeting the contractual goals and expectations.

Authenticity is the key

Several influencers are trying to make it big simultaneously – a feature that is common across every niche. That is why it is vital to put your best foot forward and appear as genuine as possible. Remember that if you keep showcasing your brilliance on social media, you will become dissociated from your followers. Therefore, it is vital to showcase the failures, the hard work, and the disappointment.

The key is engagement

Engagement is easier said than done, and it requires skill and perseverance to meet the required numbers to make it to the trending list. Even with the correct strategies, it might be months before one of your posts goes viral. It would be best if you started by building a follower base. To that end, you can check real Instagram followers using authentic third-party services. The process is easy, and the increased follower count comes in handy when looking to gain the “influencer” status. However, do not intend to reach a certain number of followers and end up neglecting the ones you gather. Even when the list is of a modest 150 during the first few weeks, it is vital to engage with the audience. Make sure that you are replying to the comments and the DMs as soon as possible.

You need to build relationships

Several tactics are widely prevalent on the internet and the Instagram world when it comes to building relationships. Strategies like “shoutout for shoutout” or “like for like” all revolve around the same concept of connecting with people and helping each other out towards a common goal of high user engagement. Instagram influencers help to grow each other’s accounts and engagement. This building of relationships leads to collaborations and often with brilliant results.

If you are collaborating with a different influencer from a separate demographic, you can widen your fanbase. Start by simple comments as gestures of appreciation to build bonds and relationships with influencers and even your followers. Focus on the people close to your area to maximize the advertising campaign. Once you get familiar with a person, you can DM them your ideas for a collaborative effort or a campaign. Keep in mind that it is reliable networking that allows the building of a huge follower base.

Tagging brands

When you are looking to become an Instagram fitness influencer, then you need to work with brands. As you grow, you will generate automatic interest. However, when you start, keep in mind to tag brands to the products you are using to attract their attention and showcase that you are viable as a marketeer. It will generate paid campaigns for you in the future.

Keep in mind these simple tips to utilize Instagram the right way to achieve the fitness influencer status. Get going to get the best results.


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