I Lost My Car Keys And I Have No Spare! What Do I Do Now?

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I Lost My Car Keys And I Have No Spare! What Do I Do Now?

Possibly one of the most frightening moments in anyone’s life is when they can’t find the car keys in their back pocket. It only gets worse when the house keys are left attached to the same keychain. Even though you might be tempted to begin panicking as soon as you’re convinced you’ve lost the keys to two of the most important locks in your life, we believe it’s best to consult an automotive locksmith in Sunshine coast to assist you.

Begin by alerting the authorities

The first step you would need to take is to inform the authorities that you’ve lost your car keys. By stating the specific details of your car; you might be able to find the key as a ‘lost good’ in one of the police stations that you consult. It’s always best for the authorities to be made aware; in the unlikely event that your car keys have been stolen and not disappeared.

If you had a smart key, it’s time to go to the dealership

There are essentially two different types of keys for cars. One is traditional and the other is the smart key. While we will be diving into the details of the traditional key later; the smart key is a special device that allows you to perform a ‘keyless ignition’ in an automatic car.

If you have a smart key and cannot find it anywhere; you will need to take your car to the dealership for a thorough inspection. If you don’t have a spare key, you will need to get your car paired with a brand new key. The pairing of the car with the key is what keeps its sensor functioning.

If you had a traditional car key, it’s time to call the locksmith

If you’ve lost a traditional car key, there’s absolutely no need to worry. Even though you might have been craving a smart key earlier in the year, you’ll be glad to know that –

  1. Traditional car key replacements don’t cost as much as the smart key, no matter where you get it from.
  2. A traditional car key replacement can be done in as little time as an hour.

If you’re looking for a car key replacement near the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane Automotive Locksmith can help you. As fully qualified and experienced locksmiths for over 25 years, they can help you replace your lost key with prime services.

Lastly, don’t panic

Even though it’s natural to panic once you lose your car key, it’s always better to keep your calm. Once you’ve lost an item, there’s no point holding regret or trauma over the thought. All you need to do is look over the right mode of going forward for a replacement and calm down.

Depending on the keys that your car needs, you can contact your dealership or a reliable locksmith in the city for assistance. At the end of the day, the most important factor is getting a replacement so that you can use your car again.

While what’s lost will continue to be lost, it’s important to do what you must to be able to move on and take the next step.

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