Ideal Materials Required for Making Splash-backs

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Ideal Materials Required for Making Splash-backs

Splashbacks are usually used in bathrooms and kitchen. Water always splashes due to many reasons and to protect the walls from getting moistened, this material is used. Oil often splashes in the kitchen while cooking especially during deep frying. So, the splashback is installed behind the gas hob to protect the surface from oil and marks of spices. In the case of bathrooms, the material is installed behind the sink to protect the walls from the growth of moulds. Splashbacks are designed in such a way that they provide a good look to the interior of the room. Many types of materials are used to make these splashbacks and these materials are described here to help you choose your ideal one. Following is a list of ideal materials required for making splash-backs.

Materials for Making Splashbacks

There are many materials that are used to make splashbacks. Some of them are durable while some make the room beautiful. So go through the materials and understand what can fulfil your requirements.

Stainless Steel

This splashback is made of the particular form of a sheet, which can be directly attached to the wall. Screws or glue is used in the process. People consider this material because it is easy to clean and can be installed at an affordable price. Stainless steel is resistant to heat and is durable. One disadvantage is that it may be scratched when it grows old.

Porcelain Or Ceramic Tiles

Many people prefer ceramic or porcelain tiles to be installed in the kitchen and bathroom because they are resistant to heat and water. Cleaning the tiles is also very easy as one need to wipe it with a cloth. Detergent can also be used to clean them. Tiles have many other advantages. Its installation is easy and it is available at an affordable price. Damaged tiles cannot be repaired they need to be replaced with a new one.

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Glass is also a good option for using as a splashback. Silicone or screws are used to fix the glass ion the wall. Users should opt for tempered as they are durable and resistant to scratches. The cutouts of the glass are suitable to install light switches and electric sockets. Mirrored glass is another option but it can get cracked easily if it is installed behind the gas hob.

Engineered Stone

Crushed quartz and resin are used to make these stones. It is very tough and has a long life. These stones are resistant to stains and can be cleaned easily. They are available in many colours and people can choose them as per their requirement. This is an expensive material and specialist is needed to install it.


Splashbacks of granite are also a good option as they will give a different look to the place where they are installed. Granite splashbacks can be cleaned easily and they are also durable. Sealing is required as it is a porous stone. Another disadvantage is that it is very expensive.

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Polished Plaster

The splashbacks made by this material are good as they are available in different colours and texture. After installation, little maintenance is required. In order to protect the material from damage, small skirting is provided.


Composites are developed by mixing the resin and natural mineral. They can be installed easily and no joint is required. The material lacks resistance to heat and also scratches easily.


People who want to give a luxurious look to the kitchen can use the splashbacks made of marble. The material is porous so sealing is required to protect it from stains. This material is known for its durability as well.

Wrapping up

These are some of the materials used in splashbacks to give them different appearances and decorate your kitchen and bathrooms in a unique manner. Some of them are durable and affordable while some of them are expensive. People who are budget-friendly can opt for affordable ones from a reputed store.

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