Ideas and Tips for Outdoor Advertising for Small Businesses

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Ideas and Tips for Outdoor Advertising for Small Businesses

It is very competitive out there for small business owners. The dream of owning your own business is spreading and more and more people are following through with it. With so many big companies and so much competition between the smaller ones, you need to be ingenious not only with the services you provide but also the way you advertise them. Here are a few things to keep in mind while doing so.  

Find your budget  

Before figuring out the way you are going to go about advertising your small business, you’ll need to know how much you can pay for it. Whether you think billboards, mesh banners, or something else is the best way to do it, you need to look into how much those things cost and how effective each of them is.  

Another thing you will want to consider is hiring a professional to help you out with the aesthetic of your advertisement choice. You will need a bigger budget for this, but they will know how you make an interesting, attention-grabbing sign that will truly help your business. This is the best way to ensure the rest of your advertising budget isn’t wasted on ineffective flyers, T-shirts, or whatever you choose to go with.   

Unconventional places   

How often do you pay attention to the advertisement at a bus stop? You are so used to having it there, you are less likely to look at what’s being advertised. That’s why you should think of places people don’t expect advertisements. 

Team up with other local business owners and look into advertising in taxis, on shopping carts of local supermarkets, in cafes and restaurants, you name it. Seeing an ad where you least expect it is going to make you more interested in it. When was the last time you heard of a person paying attention to TV commercials? 

Be environmentally friendly  

Aside from not harming our environment, thinking in this direction is going to help not deter those who also care about the environment. Instead of opting for countless paper posters across the city, invest in a quality mesh banner which will last you longer and provide passersby with a good view of your brand. 

It might be made of plastic, but it lasts much longer, doesn’t fade as much as paper does, and is much bigger, hence more noticeable. If, for example, you own a restaurant or a fast-food joint, opting for less plastic when offering takeout will also make people feel better about spending their money at your place of business. Think of what will make you feel like you are spending your money in the right place, and go with it.  

Make use of your building exterior and vehicles  

Before you do this, make sure you know your zoning regulations and that you are not breaking any rules. Once you are familiar with any possible restrictions, go wild. If your business is located, say, on the ground floor of a residential building, look into turning a whole side of the building into a mural that advertises your business. Aside from drawing the attention of the people walking buy, it lets them know exactly where you’re located.  

Another thing that catches anyone’s eye is a car topper. Sure, stickers and removable magnetic signs are easier and more affordable, but this is what people truly pay attention to. When you are walking down the street you rarely pay attention to what’s on the side of a car, but one-meter tall car topper will get you wondering what that company is about.  

Be unconventional. In other spheres of life, that may not always be the best way to accomplish your goal. In advertising, you need to get people talking about what you do. Finding the balance between off-the-wall and innovative, and clear and concise is the key.

Alexis Walker

Alexis is a Sydney-based part-time lifestyle writer and a full-time mom of two. Her words carry the richness of her travelling and parenting adventures.

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