Importance of Matching the Right Hair Extension With Your Hair Type

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Importance of Matching the Right Hair Extension With Your Hair Type

Hair extensions are the fastest way to get an excellent weave. While products are abundant on the market, a lot of women fail to capitalise on the opportunity. They are unaware of how to match the hair extension with your hair type. You can learn more about clip-in hair extensions and how to pair them with your hair online. But first, you need to know the basics of natural hair types. Importance of matching the right hair extension with your hair type.

Hair Types 101

Going natural is a big deal for a lot of women. Once you go natural, you’ll have healthy and beautiful hair. While that is an excellent thing, it often overshadows backbreaking to have natural hair.

Aside from the effort of growing your hair from a short length to a weave, going natural requires knowledge. You have to learn about organic products and ingredients, styling your hair, and hair maintenance.

Don’t worry. It may sound like a complicated thing, but it is a matter of consistency instead.

There are few bases to cover, and once you have a routine down:

What is Natural Hair

So, the first thing you want to get down is what natural hair means. Natural hair is a type of hair you grow without any chemical products or treatment.

The natural hair community attracts so many women who want to live without harmful products. Not only does the hair look better with a natural hair treatment, but it also becomes thicker and healthier.

In the quest for the natural weave, you have two key areas to cover. These are hair porosity levels and your hair type.

Hair Porosity

Hair porosity refers to the ability of hair to capture moisture. The concept may sound strange, so let’s break it down like this.

High hair porosity means that you have dry hair. The hair porosity index consists of three levels ranging from low to high. A natural-grown hair has low levels of hair porosity, which makes it thick and strong.

Once you cut your hair and decide to grow natural hair, tracking your porosity level becomes your priority. Your hair may have long-term damage, so you first have to heal your scalp and hair.

Another thing that complicates that feat is your hair type.

Hair Types

There are three sets of hair types. You categorise hair by letters A, B, and C, along with numbers ranging from 1-3. Letters and numbers determine the natural curliness of your hair. Straight hair isn’t part of the categorisation.

After your hair grows from the first, you get to see what is your hair type. From then, you are going to use products and ingredients to compliment your hair type.

From then on, you have to work on maintaining that hair type. Now, you are ready to grow your natural hair.

Growing Natural Hair

The common misconception about natural hair is that going natural is easy. In reality, it may take a lot of work before you grow your natural hair.

Use a routine to take care of your hair. Depending on the damage, use organic products, and natural ingredients and combine them.

Even then, you may have bald spots or have trouble growing your hair. So, until you reach an excellent look, you want something to aid your natural look.

Hair Extensions 101

Enter hair extensions. Hair extensions are attachable pieces of hair that you wear without causing problems to your hair growth.

Hair extensions have many shapes and forms and even more features. They offer clip-in pieces of hair of various colors, shades, and lengths.

Also, you can look for features such as a specific look or hairstyle. Then, even with hair extensions, you can achieve a natural look.

But, before you do that, you have to learn some basics about hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Type

Hair extensions can be clip-in, attachable, and even with tapes. So, the first way to categorize hair extensions is by how you put them in your hair.

Then, there is a categorisation of the type of hair in the hair extension. There are several types of synthetic hair, but there are also hair extensions with natural hair.

That is Remy hair, and to get a Remy hair extension, you have to collect real hair. The best option to buy, of course, is an extension with natural hair.

The simplest type of hair extension is the clip-in natural Remy hair. You want to get the most thickness and volume while being easy to handle.

Styling Hair Extensions

Another thing you want to think about is to match up your hairstyle with the shape of hair extensions. A quality hair extension allows you to style it any way you want it.

Most hair extensions allow you to style them by blow-drying and flat-ironing. Also, you can create virtually any style you want with the little help of a stylist.

However, the whole reason why you need to know all about hair is to match your hair type with hair extensions. Only then do you get the look of a natural weave?

If you fail to do that, the hair extensions won’t look good on you. However, give them a try. Make sure to know how to pick them.

How to Pick Hair Extensions

To pick a hair extension, use this list:

Your hair type:

  • Curly
  • Wavy
  • Coily

Your hair porosity level:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

Types of hair extensions:

  • Clip-in
  • Attachable
  • Tape-in

Characteristics of hair extensions:

  • Professional hair color
  • Shade
  • Length
  • Shape
  • Type of hair (synthetic, natural)

Use this checklist to match your hair and with the type of hair extension. Go online and search for a hair salon near me that suggests you right hair extensions that perfectly fit your hair type.

Get Hair Extensions for Natural Hair

Hair extensions can give you a beautiful look. But, if you pick a product that won’t match your hair, you have a disaster on your hands.

Consult your hairstylist and share your ideas with them. Pick the right extensions and rock your perfect weave.

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