Important Home Accents That Australians Love

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Important Home Accents That Australians Love

Australian home decor is in a league of its own. In a country where nature is everything, they pride themselves on their ability to curate an inside/outside style that speaks for itself. Home decor in Australia speaks to the country’s deep roots, unique cultural heritage, and affinity for local items and community support. These are the four important home accents that Australians love. You’ll find in every self-respecting Aussie’s home are staples to their lifestyle and help them cultivate a comfortable and stylish (but never too trendy) home.

1. Neutral Colours
Australians dig the inside/outside look, so a home that makes an easy transition from indoors to outdoors is crucial to the Australian lifestyle. The key is using neutral colour palettes that reflect the outdoors; think lots of sandy tan colours, creamy whites to create brightness, and the occasional ocean blue or rustic orange to give rooms character. These colour combinations create a homey feel that is truly reflective of the famous Australian beaches, countrysides, and outback.

2. Window Treatments
Window treatments are so important to Australians because they help them get closer to nature, even when they’re inside. Window treatments in Australia are more for creating a good balance of natural light and privacy, instead of trying to block out the world with heavy curtains. This is why they opt more for blinds over curtains, in all rooms of the house, including moisture-heavy rooms like the bathroom and laundry room. A great, cost-effective option to use blinds throughout the home are timber-look Venetian blinds, which look just like real wooden slats but are water-resistant and more durable. Regular wooden blinds tend to warp over time with the help of water and sunlight (both of which are in no short supply in Australia), so timber-look blinds will last much longer and give you more bang for your buck, without sacrificing style or natural sunlight.

3. Floor Rugs
Thanks to the stunning weather of Down Under, Australians spend an enormous amount of time outdoors, and who can blame them? That’s why they need floors and walls that can withstand a little dirt and mud, but that can make their houses seem pretty austere. To help soften up the rooms, floor rugs are a must: they help give the room an interesting focal point, texture, and warmth. Plus, they’re much easier to clean than wall-to-wall carpeting, so you can feel free to rush inside after you nail that morning’s surf, without panicking about damaging the floor. Feel free to express your style with floor rugs, but know that Australians love local, handmade items that showcase their deep-rooted culture.

4. Natural Materials
Australians are proud of their beautiful land. And so it makes sense that they’d want their homes to look as natural as possible. This is what’s making timber furniture and architectural pieces so popular. Because it makes us feel like we’re still close to the outdoors. Other natural materials, like woven fabrics and wicker pieces, will help give rooms a grounded, and earthy vibe, while also creating a space that’s easy and comfortable to live in.

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