Important Things You Should Know Before Going for First Martial Arts Class

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Important Things You Should Know Before Going for First Martial Arts Class

Martial arts training is not as simple as working out at the gym. Would it not be nice if you would know some insights before joining? This is what we are here for. The following are the important things you should know before joining any martial arts class. They will help you ease into it and so you can start on the right foot.

Wear the needed gear

Martial arts training requires the necessary gear, like any other sport. Good quality and right gear will help you protect yourself. Uniform is very important and it might differ depending on the type of martial art class. For instance, if you are training BJJ you’ll wear a BJJ GI, boxing shorts for boxing and so on. GI is an important part but MMA doesn’t require any GI so you can wear some shorts. However, in boxing, there are special boxing shorts that are a must.

It is really hard work

Martial arts training will work on all the body. The workout will hit you bad and hard especially on those muscles you haven’t worked ever before.

Do the homework

Before joining any martial art, gym or school and even a program, you should do proper detailed research. Check everything from the reputation of the gym and trainer to how legit they are. Register if everything is how you like it. Cleanliness is a huge part, take that into account too.

Open your mind

Open up your mind for learning and forget all the preconceptions you have. Thinking martial arts is just rolling while you are sweaty and that some martial art form is superior to others are both wrong. Every person has something to teach either it is your coach, senior or junior.


Martial art is not just limited to learning self-defence but it is an important skill to know. Whether or not you get into a fight or some situation where you have to use it knowing how to defend yourself sure does boosts your confidence level.

It’s for everyone

No matter what your age, gender, height, religion or colour is martial is equally good for you. And, there is an equal place for everyone in it. when you start training you will notice that there is a good diversity of students. However, BJJ is a martial art specially designed for relatively weaker and short ones. if you are into that it might be the time to buy yourself a BJJ GI and get started.

Bruises and bumps are a part of it

Be ready to wear some bruises and bumps proudly because you are going to get a lot of those. Don’t be surprised or get afraid of punching someone or being punched

The results are worth it

For whatever reason, you are not attending or going to register for martial art class, believe me, the results are worth going for it. If the fear of getting punched in the face is stopping you then overcome it and start training. Chances are you will be punched in the face in your lifetime. So, it is better to know how to evade that punch and attack back. There are many other benefits of learning martial arts.

No slacking

Martial art is not a hobby, you have to adapt and change your lifestyle. Slacking in daily life can greatly affect your performance in class thus in martial arts. So be ready to bring in some changes.

No need to be nervous

There is no need to be nervous for your first class. If you are, it is completely natural and everyone has it. With time you will feel at home and adapt to the environment. Making friends and talking to people will make this process easier and wick away the nervousness.

There are many other things but these were the few most important ones. don’t worry if you are not fit. Martial arts training will make you fit. Just do your thing, keep on learning and moving forward.

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