Increase Cosmetic Products Sales with Versatile Custom Packaging

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Increase Cosmetic Products Sales with Versatile Custom Packaging

In the multi-billion beauty industry, having a strong and organized strategic marketing plan is essential. The promotion expenses may burn out your resources so it is necessary that you make effective and cost-effective decisions. Custom packaging is a saving grace when you witness a squeeze in your monthly budgets.

But is packaging just plain brown boxes slated to cover up the cosmetic products? Not anymore! The past decade has witnessed a never-seen-before application of customized skincare boxes. They can appeal and communicate in several innovative ways.

Custom printing on the boxes

Recently, a marketing survey revealed the significance of branded boxes. About 82% of customers said that they are more likely to recommend a brand to others when they like its packaging. Another 72% said that they are willing to order again from the brands that offer pleasing boxes.

Now that is quite a high percentage of customers preferring branded packaging. This is why one sees a sharp inclination towards custom-made boxes. All retail racks are filled with offbeat and captivating boxes trying to outdo the rivals and gather more customer interest.

While they may be conveying similar brand features, particularly in the identical beauty products markets, their appearance looks in contrast to each other. This is because there are a zillion ways you can create and modify the boxes.

Intrigued how you can use a simple brown container as a multi-faceted marketing tool? Take a look below to find out more:

Finding the best boxes

It may sound complicated but trust us that it is not. Once you know about the many ways the boxes can be used to depict your brand and cosmetics, there will be no looking back!

One of the main concerns of new brands is to manage costs properly. They don’t have much time or human capital to spare but the boxes can more than compensate for every limitation. For instance, if the brand fears losing the original shape or contents of the items during transit, the boxes can be made for specific product requirements.

Fragile cosmetics usually come in thick boxes adorned with extra handles and locks. Small beauty products come in one large display box that works dually to protect the contents while saving packaging costs. Any type of content can find favourable storage and transport environment owing to the boxes made for them.

Using the boxes for customer retention

How can lipstick brands create brand differentiation? Sellers operating in identical consumer markets often find it hard to garner customer focus. But the boxes can slide favours in your stride.

Several custom packaging shapes are the best tool to intrigue buyers. Fascinating mailer boxes, gable boxes, auto-lock, and custom sleeves add glimmer to the brand appeal. Certain famous brands cash in on their unusual box appearances and enjoy a die-hard customer following.

For example, Dior packages its perfumes in cabinet-like boxes covered with exquisitely designed flaps and sleeves. The shape and opening process improves the shopping experiences for customers.

Take the colours for a stir!

The boxes act as a canvas that can be designed and coloured just as you wish. Global brand Tiffany’s has made turquoise blue resonate with the brand image. So much so, that the specific colour hue has been termed Tiffany blue.

Many other brands like Coca Cola and Pepsi have assigned specific colours to their brand image. The packaging is the foremost tool that introduces the brand to new customers and reminds older ones of the brand identity.

The boxes have the ability to travel long miles and be seen by many target customers. This provides an opportunity to advertise without incurring further costs. Custom printed shipping boxes can essentially be used as portable brand promotions once accessorized with meaningful colours and branded designs.

Reusing the boxes

You might wonder how this can be a marketing gimmick. Well, if you go by customer polls, you would identify sustainability as the top customer expectation.

The current emphasis on environment conservation has prompted many brands to restructure their packaging. Most millennials desire to buy from brands that offer reusable boxes made of eco-friendly materials. It signals that the brand has put effort and thought into its packaging and made it safer for the planet.

Numerous beauty brands specify how customers can reuse the boxes after using the contents. This way, the buyers can learn about minimizing wastages and give favourable brand reviews.

Increase Cosmetic Products Sales with Versatile Custom Packaging- Custom packaging

Labelling the boxes

If you are running on a fixed budget, then using creative labels on the boxes is a good way to be communicative yet save on costs.

Otherwise, box printing styles can make the boxes convey crucial brand and product info to customers. Nowadays, clients demand their shopped items be transparent about the ingredients, using instructions, expiry dates, among other details. Using the boxes for extending such info is an effective way to reach out to more buyers.

Putting on handling guidelines is also a good way to ensure that the cosmetics are protected effectively. Supply chain components work better when they know how to store and ship the boxes. This way, your customers would be mighty impressed with productive deliveries each time. Higher customer satisfaction also lowers customer complaints and the expenditure associated with it.

So what does work with custom cosmetic boxes?

If you are not very well aware of how to go about creating cosmetic packaging, you need not worry! There are several startup techniques you can use:

  • Define your future goals. Branding must be directed towards achieving these. The boxes can be made to look a certain way and improving your brand repute can work strongly.
  • Define the customer characteristics. This way, your products would not waste time in becoming the buyers’ favourite.
  • Reduce the printed contents to only include details that matter.
  • Have rough sketches of several versions of your final boxes to pick the best one.


Nurturing a strong brand aura is possible with adequately designed custom packaging. The cosmetic industry can be won over by multi-purpose packaging.


Printingblue provides high-quality custom printed products at affordable prices and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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