Indulge Yourself with a Solo Holiday in Australia

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Indulge Yourself with a Solo Holiday in Australia

People who travel solo can feel overcome with loneliness. The most popular vacation hotspots are usually brimming with groups of people who have decided to share the adventure with their significant others. Yet, if you get a chance to travel alone, you should try it out at least once. Indulge yourself with a solo holiday in Australia. Maybe you will fall in love with the idea of embarking into the unknown with nothing but your own shadow to keep you company.

Sea gulls with view to Sydney Harbour bridge

True adventurists have the courage to travel solo, and they use such opportunities to turn simple holidays into journeys of self-discovery. Winter holidays are approaching, which gives you a perfect opportunity to indulge yourself with a solo holiday in Australia.

Sydney park with trees

Soak it all in

Traveling alone has one very obvious perk – there is nobody to distract you or dictate your schedule. You have all the time on your hands to enjoy every aspect of your surroundings and truly soak it all in. And when it comes to Australia, especially Sydney, you really want to focus your attention on the verve that radiates from every square inch of the city.

Why solo in Sydney?

Sydney is an interesting place to visit for Christmas. The month of December in Australia marks the beginning of summer with mildly warm temperatures in the mid-20s degrees Celsius. Mix this pleasant weather with New Year’s festivities, and you get a truly remarkable experience that can be very peculiar to the people from the northern hemisphere.

Sky fireworks in Sydney's Harbour bridge

Where to stay?

Sydney is a colourful metropolis with a diverse cityscape, so choosing where to stay is truly a matter of sensibilities and preference. If you like busy streets and the urban atmosphere (even though you are travelling solo), a hotel in the Central Business District might be right up your alley. You can also choose to stay in one of Sydney’s unique and widely renowned boutique hotels. On the other hand, if you are in the mood for a more tranquil neighbourhood, look no further than Randwick – an idyllic suburban area that is home to a particularly beautiful old hotel near the University of NSW.

A time to have fun

During the holidays, you will see a lot of families in the streets. Everybody tends to be very cordial, pleasant and ready to have fun. The atmosphere in the streets is electrifying and you will come across live music, fireworks and various entertainment for children and adults alike. It is very invigorating to spend time in the streets during this time. You can hit Bondi Beach for a Christmas-dip in the ocean and go for Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce at Golden Unicorn. It is all up to you.

Rubiks cube in a sandy beach

A time for self-reflection

Of course, since you have a chance to spend time by yourself, you should really take advantage of the summer temperatures and focus some of your activities around aquatic adventures. You could learn how to surf or go for a meditative session of scuba diving in the endless azure Pacific. Since Sydney covers such a big territory, and most of it is coastline, you can go for long walks and find a perfect secluded beach on which you can simply sit and listen to the waves.

A bit of everything

Since you are in Australia alone, you have a wonderful luxury of being spontaneous. The city and its surroundings are filled with beautiful sights and interesting landmarks and you can just run off by yourself with a GPS and a mini guide to discover all these locations by yourself. Along the way, take small stops at various restaurants, street vendors, cultural hotspots and museums. As long as you are in Sydney alone, try to do a bit of everything at your own pace.

Sydney Darling Harbour

Meet new people

Finally, travelling alone means you have a blank slate to meet new people. Sydney is crowded with open, pleasant individuals who are just as eager to meet someone new as you are. Since you are solo, this also means you can gauge your activities and time according to these new acquaintances and have a lot of leeways to truly get to know them. Should you wish so, travelling solo is a good opportunity to forge strong friendships.

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