Infographic On Some Facts About Termites

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Infographic On Some Facts About Termites

Termites have been munching away on wood for 50 million of years, with approximately 3,000 termite species inhabiting temperate locales worldwide.

Although termites have been an important part of the earth’s ecological system. Recycling dead plant materials, returning nutrients to the soil, they become significant threats upon entering your dream home.

They are a highly destructive timber pest, causing major structural timber damage to domestic/commercial buildings in Australia.

Termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, floods, storms and tempest, combined. You certainly don’t want these subterranean species destroying your home.

A queen could lay up to 9 million eggs and landlords spend billions a year in property damage. The worst part is that most home insurance policies don’t even cover it.

The termite infographic below “Termite Facts to Chomp On” by Rentokil, provides a glimpse on the scariest pest threat to homeowners on the planet. Although it takes into account America, it is relevant to any country that is affected by termites, including Australia.

Infographic On Some Facts About Termites


If you haven’t had a termite inspection or treatment done in the past you need to arrange for a professional pest manager to come and inspect your property. Termites can cause considerable damage if left untreated.  It is therefore essential that you always have an annual termite inspection on your property

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