Inspirational Ideas to Create a Luxury Resort Style Backyard

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Inspirational Ideas to Create a Luxury Resort Style Backyard

Lack of money to book a summer holiday in some oceanside luxury resort? Don’t feel down anymore because owning a spacious backyard is all you need to rest in style. There are numerous improvements you can build in your garden for a reasonable amount of money that will transform a once derelict landscape into a five-star luxury resort. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves then read on about all additions that will help you create a luxury resort-style backyard.

Inspirational Ideas to Create a Luxury Resort Style Backyard

Ginormous flower pots

When it comes to the exterior design of luxury resorts, bigger is better. Even the flower pots are oversized and this is exactly the detail you can mimic. Flower pots are inexpensive regardless of their size (after all, they are made from earth) which makes them affordable. Go to the nearest garden centre and buy the biggest pot you can buy or order ginormous flower beds online. You needn’t plant trees inside them, as a large fern will suffice to create an atmosphere of luxury.

Inspirational Ideas to Create a Luxury Resort Style Backyard

A modern fire pit

You might have dabbled with building a fire pit in the backyard of the family home when you were a kid. However, a couple of stones and some wooden stools are not something you’ll find in a luxury resort. Instead of rough stones, you can build a sleek concrete outer edge of the fire pit. The hearth can have a glass dome that will protect it against the elements and prevent the night wind from putting out the fire. The fire pit should ideally be placed in the centre of the seating area or near the open-air swimming pool.

Inspirational Ideas to Create a Luxury Resort Style Backyard

Lounging in style

Luxury resorts feature comfortable beds that you wouldn’t find in a typical home. One such lounging option is the hammock which is rather simple in design. Even better, it is cheap to make or buy and even easier to hand between two trees. This renders it as the ultimate lounging option worthy of a five-star spa resort. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have trees in your backyard, then two wall pegs on the patio will do just fine.

Inspirational Ideas to Create a Luxury Resort Style Backyard

An all-year-round pergola

You probably have some sort of roofing in patio but unless you can use it all-year-round, then we are sorry to say that it’s not luxurious. What you need is a pergola like ones Opening Roof Specialists make in order to gain the most from outdoor roofing. Firstly, the underdeck of the roof should be made from wood for luxury purposes and secondly, the roof should allow you to have complete control over the elements. Sun or rain, you can enjoy the opulence of your backyard without looking up to the sky every two minutes.

Dining outside

An integral part of life’s luxury are people whom you have by your side. What you want to do is gather them all at one table, quite literally. A large and stately communal table should decorate the backyard. This will be the place where everybody would gather to dine, exchange stories, and have a good laugh. The design of the table should match the overall design of the backyard. However, the most usual décor ideas include a rustic design and Bohemian style coupled with other pieces of furniture like chairs and ottomans.

Inspirational Ideas to Create a Luxury Resort Style Backyard

An arbour gateway

Homeowners are shy to admit to having a garden inside the backyard. They believe that a garden has no place inside a luxurious resort but they are wrong. The garden needn’t be ventured into because guests will be mesmerized by the arbour gateway to it. There is no need to erect a fence, as a self-standing arbour will suffice. It should be made from timber and decorated with climbers and vines for the ultimate touch of luxury. Oh year, you can place a bench next to it so you can enjoy reading a book surrounded by greenery.

Privacy in green

One concept that goes hand in hand with luxury is privacy. You need to be able to strut in a bikini inside your backyard without that nosy parker of a neighbour looking at you. Instead of erecting a high wall, a more posh thing to do is to create a green wall either from climbers or use a hedge. The greenery will keep your luxurious backyard cool in the summer; it will style your privacy and reduce noise pollution coming from traffic out in the street.

These are just some of the most inspirational ideas that will help transform your plain backyard into a luxury resort. After you start renovating your outdoor space, you’ll realize that there are many more improvements you can add for little to no money.


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