Inspirational Poem a potent life perspective

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Inspirational Poem a potent life perspective

Nobody knew who posted this inspirational poem inside a London bar, until Ronnie Joice put in on Twitter, where it quickly went viral. Quickly prompting a search for the origins of this poem. As nothing stays secret on the Internet, the origins were discovered.


At first glance this poem seems exactly what an angry teenager would write in a frenzy of anger at the world. When you come to the end of the poem and read it from bottom to top as instructed, you realise that it is indeed an inspirational piece of poetry, especially so when it was  written by a teenager .

The original poem was found on by Chanie Gorkin, an 11th grader from Brooklyn, NY,with the title “Worst Day Ever?”.

How a poem written by an American teenager winds up on the wall of a London Bar, is a mystery. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful move to leave it there and as a result the world has been inspired and left hopeful.

Our only wish, is that this obviously gifted, young writer keeps writing beautiful poetry like this.

Nina Smith

Any challenge is a test of your character and mine is the pursue of writing. My interests will be reflected in my writing whether it be about the movies, travel, diet or fitness or the world. Each and everyday will bring me a new interest and a surprise to engage me and my thoughts and my hand in writing.

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