Interior Design Trends in 2020

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Interior Design Trends in 2020

There will never be a more perfect moment to update your home interior design, then at the start of a new decade. If you are tired of the same old interior design it’s time to refresh your home with some new colours, plants and materials. Go out of your comfort zone, make a statement and try to incorporate some of the popular interior design trends of 2020.

You can look at interior design trends of 2020 just about anywhere, but some might be too fancy and unrealistic. So, here is our list of a few ideas that everyone will adore.

Colours and Patterns

  • Olive green

Green has been a really popular colour in 2019, and it made its way in 2020. Olive green is becoming more and more popular because it mimics the look of nature and is calming. A nice light olive green can be used on exterior and interior walls, and it’s a colour trend that will make a serene and natural environment in your home.

  • Black, White, and Blue

This classic combination of white and black is one of the most popular living room colour schemes of all ages, but it is 2020 and that means that it’s time for a twist. You can give your walls a nice refreshing twist by mixing white and black with a powder blue shade as an accent wall. A great idea is to paint your walls a refreshing powder blue to coordinate with black and white walls or furniture and decor that’s in your room.

  • Light Pink

Pink is a great, universal colour that you can use in any room that you want, it doesn’t have to be just for a girl nursery. The light pink will be maybe the most popular colour in 2020. Light pink is a great and refreshing alternative colour for beige or white. You can use it in the bedroom, living room and even in the kitchen. Light pink is a great colour that will complement any space and it goes really well with other colours of your room decor.


  • A Punched Sheet Metal Accent Wall

A really unique way of adding some accents to your interior design is using a panel to make an accent wall. Choose aluminium or stainless punched metal sheet to make your accent wall have a modern look. Going for brass or copper panels will make it look more antique and traditional. The shape and pattern that you chose will contribute to the style of your room and make your overall impression of your room more interesting. Because this is becoming more and more popular there are a lot of places that specialise in sheet metal fabrication. It’s becoming a trend because the metal is recyclable and therefore it’s sustainable. It can contribute to reducing energy waste.

  • Selection of Wood

Because there is a wide variety of wood that can be used for interior design your options are nearly endless. The most common wood that is used for interior design is hardwood flooring wood. But with so many wood options out there, you can make a really interesting design on your floor. Because hardwood floors will blend in with any style you can mix and match the wood to create interesting patterns that will make your room look more interesting and trendy. If you are interested in going with a traditional style use Mahanoy, oak and walnut, but if you are more into the contemporary modern style go with a maple and tiger-wood mix.


Having accents of green is another trend that it’s making its way in 2020. Using plants as main decor pieces will make your place look more fresh and calming. Having plants in your house is quite beneficial and they make really good decoration pieces if you take care of them properly. But if you are not confident that you can keep your plants alive, there is no shame in going with artificial ones. Nowadays plastic plants look really realistic.


These are just some of the interior design trends of 2020 that you should think about following if you are thinking about redoing your home and giving it a whole new trendy look for the new decade.


Featured photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

I’m Zac Walker, a teacher/writer. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, and teaching is my ultimate passion. My favorite book is “The Magic of Thinking Big” by Dr. Schwartz.

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