Internet’s New Dance Craze – The Shiggy Dance

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Internet’s New Dance Craze – The Shiggy Dance

Another internet challenge is sweeping the internet. Internet’s craze dance – the shaggy dance is taking the world by storm. Started by Instagram star Shiggy, the moves are set to Drake’s new song “In My Feelings”.  The moves are more complicated than it looks.


The new dance craze has seen a whole host of celebrities getting on the action and rising to the challenge.

Singer Ciara and husband got into it while on their honeymoon.

And then,  you have Will Smith, who took the challenge to a whole new level.


How do you do this dance?

Listen closely to the song’s lyrics and it’s pretty easy to work out. For instance, you make the sign of a heart when Drake sings ”do you love me?”. Another clue is when you hear “say you’ll never ever leave.” get your finger-wagging.

Looks pretty easy just do some serious listening and you mastered the challenge.


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