Where to Invest and Where to Save on Your Beauty Routine

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Where to Invest and Where to Save on Your Beauty Routine

We’ll spare you the whole “beauty is about who you are, not what you wear” this time around (although we are aware that, for the most part, personal growth is indeed everything that matters) and focus on the outside.

Beautiful things and people will always take centre; no matter how superficial or unjust this order of things may be, it’s the way we, as humans, are wired – and we better work with it and turn it to our advantage.

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The inevitable question in this beauty equation is whether beauty always has to be about spending more in order to achieve a certain look? Not necessarily. While the beauty hype is on the rise (luckily, it does have a bit to do with DIY and organic options), we certainly know the tricks of the trade and wouldn’t let you spend a single dime over the needed price.

Here, a breakdown of products to invest in and save on – and still look absolutely dashing:

Splurge on…


Foundation is a key segment of every beautifully done face, so you don’t want to mess with that. Sure, just like finding the right partner and the right apartment takes some time (and testing!), so does finding the right coverage, color and finish. However, given how essential it is, we’ll say this is an investment worth making. Designed to enhance your complexion, a good foundation will help your skin glow and keep its healthy shine throughout the day.


Eye cream

The eye area is the most sensitive part of our face and it sure deserves its daily pampering session. Don’t regret a single dime of your hard-earned money when buying an eye cream because investing in a good product will pay off. Also, read the labels before making the purchase! Although, with such high quality brands like Dermalogica (which, by the way, has been our favorite for a while) you couldn’t go wrong even if you tried, make sure you are careful about the type of product you’re investing in.


Yes. When it comes to moisturizers, don’t ever go for a cheaper one. You yourself already know that, unless the moisturizer is amazing, the results can be disastrous. So, why risk? Be sure to splurge here shamelessly.


Save on…


We do use cleansers every day but there are plenty of hyped up products out there (some even DIY) that can easily be substituted for cheaper options. Just make sure you keep your eyes out for a cleanser that gets the job done and doesn’t harm your skin in any way.


There’s really no need to torture your skin daily with a full face on, unless you are a movie/TV/reality/catwalk star. Do yourself a favor and a) give that skin some rest by not torturing it with all the layers of everything b) save on a primer you are using. Similar to cleansers, high-end primer options can be replaced with drugstore-bought options (which work just as well) that even offer a range of finishes – think matte and luminous. An added bonus is that you can always talk to the pharmacist and consult on the type of primer to buy, i.e. the one that agrees with your skin.



We cannot live without mascara, it’s that simple. Still, we have to replace it very often which not only leads to frustration but a lot of money spent. For a set of long, thick lashes, great volume or spidery eyelashes you can always combine multiple mascaras – you’re saving money and using the bottles to their max. Great, right?

Did we help at all? Ah, sure we did. Enjoy!

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