Is It Advisable To Wax Your Hardwood Floors? Learn More

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Is It Advisable To Wax Your Hardwood Floors? Learn More

One of the primary steps that you have to take before deciding to wax your hardwood floors is to verify whether your floors are a proper candidate fit for the task. There are many hardwood floor types out there that are advised to not wax at all. However, if you do proceed to wax your hardwood floors, you’ll be able to restore their shine as well as extend their lifespan. 

The process of applying coloured or clear wax over hardwood floors was made popular during the 1940s. The wax is manufactured from a blend of natural & synthetic waxes, along with certain solvents. The wax is applied to the floor in an even, thin layer, and then polished to a shine. As the additional solvents evaporate, the wax hardens and thus a protective seal is formed. Is it advisable to wax your hardwood floors Learn more…

What Are The Merits Of Waxing Hardwood Floors?

According to a popular service provider for floor sanding in Melbourne, waxing helps in minimizing the absorption of spills on your hardwood floors. It also prevents unwanted stains. Waxing will also completely hide any minor scuffs, scratches, and dings. 

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, waxing will also keep dirt & debris off your hardwood floors. If you can properly wax your floors, then it can last for a long time indeed. 

What Are The Demerits Of Waxing Hardwood Floors?

It should be known that wax is not as hard when compared to polyurethane. Thus, you cannot expect to enjoy the same amount of protection from any dents on your hardwood floors. Furthermore, waxed hardwood floors are moisture-resistant (which is different from being moisture-proof). As a result, too many liquid spills can lead to your hardwood floors bulging & warping. 

What Type Of Floors Are Advised To Wax?

Even though it’s possible to wax an unfinished hardwood floor, you’ll have the optimum results when you’ll wax a fully finished hardwood floor. That means the hardwood floor must be treated with a wood sealer, varnish, lacquer, oil (or shellac). Only after then, adding wax can improve the looks as well as added protection to your hardwood floors.

But, before you start waxing, consult with a professional floor expert to know whether your hardwood floor is capable of handling wax. 

What Type Of Floors Should You Never Wax?

  • You should not wax a floor that has been already treated with polyurethane. The process will not only be redundant since polyurethane is a much-hardened material than wax, but also a wastage of time, effort, and money. 
  • Vinyl floors that look like wooden floors should never be waxed. This is because these floors are already factory coated and you don’t need to coat them again. Doing so will result in dull-looking floors. 

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