Is wearing glasses an obstacle? Here’s how to get rid of it!

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Is wearing glasses an obstacle? Here’s how to get rid of it!

Many challenges face those who wear glasses. It is probably never thought of that person who wears glasses should have challenges at all. If you do not wear glasses, then you will only learn this through a friend who wears glasses. If you wear glasses, then you know that the struggle is real. We go day to day living in a world that is not exactly catering to our extra set of eyes. We make do with what we are given. Next time, give your glass wearing friend a hug after you read all of what we go through.

Below are some of the problems of those who wear glasses.

Offhanded or Backhanded Comments

If you wear glasses, then you have heard the statement: “You look better without glasses!” It is meant as a compliment, but in reality, it is offensive. Am I to take it that with glasses I do not look good at all?

Get Contacts!

All of the free advice will land on you if you wear glasses. It is as if you have never heard of contacts and people are teaching you how to deal with it. But they need to correct the facts that those who wear glasses have heard of contacts and LASIK eye surgeons who help one get rid of glasses with ease.

Fog and Rain

If it is raining outside, then your glasses fog up. In order to see while walking in the rain, you have to stop and wipe them off. The challenge here is that it is raining! Encountering extreme heat will make the glasses fog up and you cannot see.

Falling Down

When the glasses have gotten loose they will fall down the nose. It is quite a nuisance. Glancing down can be quite a challenge. Every few seconds you have to push your glasses up on to your nose until you tighten the glasses.


When glasses get dirty you cannot just use anything. You have to use the right soft material. If you do not have anything to wipe the glasses with, then you must suffer.

Smart People Only

When people see others who wear glasses they assume the person is smart. No one knows how this trend got started. Being smart has nothing to do with wearing glasses. If they did, then everyone would wear them.


Do not forget to take off the glasses for going to sleep or else you will have to replace your glasses. Passing out for the night is not an option for those who wear glasses. We must remember to put our glasses in a safe place away from our tossing and turning in our sleep.

Having to wait for years before you can get new ones

Having glasses is expensive. It depends on your insurance and your personal finances as to when you can buy a new pair.

No sunglasses

People who wear glasses want to look stylish too. There are many options to have tinted glasses when outdoors, but that cuts out the many styles of sunglasses available.

When your eye doctor shows you different lenses and they all look the same. All of the glasses shown usually look the same. When choosing a new lens they all tend to look the same with a few minor differences. We usually choose the glasses just based on which one we think looks better.

Now you know and can share with your friends about those of us who wear glasses. We have nuisances and challenges just as those who do not wear glasses. There is an addition to our challenges, which is the glasses.

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