It’s Time to Swipe Left on your Unhealthy Relationships

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It’s Time to Swipe Left on your Unhealthy Relationships

Some relationships are just toxic, but human nature sometimes compels you to stay committed, even if it leaves you and your partner unhappy. Different personalities, refusing to change or extreme jealousy can all be the reasons why your relationship has hit a dead end. Even if you’re aware that you need to let go, it is sometimes easier said than done. Here is some advice on how to get out of an unhealthy relationship:

Admit it to yourself

Denial is your number one enemy when trying to end a relationship and to get out successfully, you first must admit it to yourself that you’re in a bad one. The signs are probably all around you, but you refuse to acknowledge them. Maybe it is out of fear of failure, or judgment from your close ones. The key is to question yourself and to try to pinpoint the problems. If you feel drained and miserable, maybe it’s time to let go. Always have in mind that you have the right and the power to get out of a relationship whenever you want.

Remind yourself of the benefits

The best way to make peace with a breakup is to remind yourself of the perks that come with it. This will help you to cope with the situation faster. Ending a relationship means that now you will have the freedom to make your decisions without being influenced by someone else, and not having to make compromises for people who were not deserving of it. Moving on will leave you a lot more time for yourself, and fulfilling your goals and needs, that might have otherwise been neglected. Most important, you’ll feel more energized after a while, and ready to reassess what you want in a future relationship, so that you can avoid doing the same things all over again.

Plan your course of action

Ending a relationship is stressful, so you need to have a plan of action to avoid saying and doing things you might regret later. Calm and rational discussion and careful planning will prevent both parties from feeling disappointed.

If you plan to end your marriage, outline the things that need to be discussed and don’t leave any page unturned. Divorce statistics are devastating around the world. In Australia only, there were over forty-six thousand divorces in 2016, with the rate of almost two divorces in one thousand people. Since average Australian marriage lasts only about twelve years, it would be wise to hire professional help. Sydney divorce lawyers suggest that in situations like these, there are many factors to consider. So, it is essential to have proper guidance through this process, so that your, or your children’s needs are taken care of.

Surround yourself with positivity

Don’t let the isolation stop you from moving on. Having a backup in these rough times is essential. Otherwise, you could easily fall into the trap of depression. Being in a company of people who think positively and who will reassure you that things will be better can help the wound heal quicker. However, don’t just randomly surround yourself with people! Only real friends and loved ones can give you proper support and relief. Those are the people who know you inside-out, who are aware of the situation in your relationship, and who are not in bad relationships themselves. If they were, they could easily drag you down and make you feel even worse!

Allow yourself to grieve and live on

Feeling sad after a divorce or a break-up is nothing to be ashamed of. Grieving is the stage that most people go through at one point or another. Even though it seems counterintuitive, going through this process will help you heal faster. Out of fear that it will feel too painful, people tend to overanalyze things and block their emotions. Give yourself a chance to grieve, and to even remember those things that you will miss from the relationship. Only then you’ll be ready to really move on.

A positive attitude will help you the most through this challenging period. Even if it’s tough to admit defeat, you need to be aware that your life isn’t over. Also, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to cut the cord. So, by reevaluating yourself and by taking a planned course of action, you will sooner get a chance for a fresh start.

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