Jaw-Dropping Turkish Cave Hotel

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Jaw-Dropping Turkish Cave Hotel

Hotels stays range from comfortable and practical stays to seeking an experience. The world has many crazy hotels and if you want you can spend the night in a Castle in Europe.

In Cappadocia’s magical landscape of fairy chimneys, in the ancient village of Urgup, is a unique cave hotel carved into a mountain cliff, the Yunak Evleri. This hotel includes 7 cave houses, 40 rooms dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries and a 19th century Greek Mansion.

The Hotel main’s lobby is a modern replica of a 19th century Greek mansion, as seen in the picture below.

Hotel main foyer

It has modern comfort, access to wifi, TV and a gorgeous pool surrounded by an amazing rocky terrain.


A stay that will feel like you step out in the past, into the Cappadocia region, where storehouses were all dug into the soft stone creating a cavern architecture with living quarters, places of worship, stables and complete underground cities.

Inside the rooms you’ll find a blend of antique and modern finishing. With furnishings and local handicrafts on display in every room, modern en suite conveniences include central heating, lights, phones, TVs, iPod docks, hypoallergenic bedding, and either hydro massage or a steam bath within each room’s spacious, private marble bathroom. Which makes for a very comfortable and luxurious stay.


Since opening in 2000, Yunak Evleri is one of the most sought after hotels in the world. It combines a stay with an uniquely amazing experience.

images source: Photo: Yunak Evleri Cappadocia
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