Johnny Deep And Wife Appologise For Pet Smuggling

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Johnny Deep And Wife Appologise For Pet Smuggling

Actress Amber Heard appeared in Australian court yesterday, over charges she illegally smuggled her two dogs into the country last year.

What followed next was a video released by the Australian government where both Johnny Deep And Wife appologise for pet smuggling.

In the midst of appeared to be a fiasco with a Hollywood flare, the outcome was positive in showing that even celebrities need to show respect for our Australian laws. Laws put in place to simply protect our very delicate and beautiful environment.

The court magistrate gave Heard a one-month good behavior bond sentence. If Heard breaks the bond, she will have to pay a fine of 1,000 Australian dollars ($767US) but the incident will not go on record.

Heard claimed to have been distracted when filling out the immigration forms upon her arrival, but Australia wants to reinforce to the world that Australia’s famously strict biosecurity law applies to everyone and  have to be complied with.

The positive outcome of all this as Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said “The more widely viewed it is the more we have people who might be unaware of our biosecurity requirements and, as they come into this nation, they say this is one thing that the Australians are red hot about, biosecurity.”


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