Jolt first trailer reveals Kate Beckinsale’s return to Action

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‘Jolt’ Official trailer reveals Kate Beckinsale’s return to Action

Amazon Studios has released the official trailer for Jolt, a new action film starring Kate Beckinsale.  Jolt is a story about a woman by the name of Lindy who can only control her extreme violent tendency with the help of special shock therapy.

Lindy, played by Kate Beckinsale, finds herself on a violent quest for revenge after her lover is murdered. 

The trailer begins with Lindy explaining that she has a condition that makes her ‘snap’ while she is on a train and snaps at the passenger, grabs his sandwich and smashes it in his face.  The trailer depicts Lindy trying to go about her normal life by controlling her violent tendency with shock therapy. She shocks herself with an electric device.

A building blows up in it is her boyfriend and from there we see some thrilling action. Kate Beckinsale is back at playing the action character she plays so well in the long-running franchise Underworld. Watch the official trailer below:

The new film also stars Laverne Cox, Susan Sarandon, and Stanley Tucci.

Joly will debut on July 23 on Amazon Prime Video.

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