Key Guidelines for Landing a Job in Fashion PR

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Key Guidelines for Landing a Job in Fashion PR

The field of fashion PR is booming and it seems more glamorous and trendy than ever before to build your career by attending fashion shows and promoting major fashion brands. However, as it always turns out to be, it’s not all glitz and glamour. Becoming a successful fashion PR takes a lot of time, effort and hard work. Which often includes doing all sorts of errands just to break into the industry. Following below are key guidelines for landing a job in fashion PR.

Education is an essential starting point

Being passionate about fashion is just the beginning. What is crucial for future success is acquiring extensive knowledge and a broad liberal arts degree; that will form a valuable background for your future career. Qualifications in languages, communication and journalism are helpful. Having an education in fashion design and business is what can launch your fashion career not just as a designer but also in the field of the fashion business.

For instance, this progressive master’s degree in fashion design and business takes its students through the study of fashion research and trends, fashion marketing, art direction, contemporary aesthetics as well as merchandising and communication, which all provide a solid foundation for working in the PR field and open pathways into the fashion industry where you can pursue various career opportunities along the way.

Internship is crucial

One of the best ways to get your foot in the door is getting and completing an internship. Such work experience can often lead to a full-time job. However, you need to be willing to do the hard work and tasks not that “fashionable” such as; answering the phone, picking up dry-cleaning, making coffee, ordering lunch, doing background research, lugging around heavy samples and similar mundane things.

The beginning is always far from glamorous but the experience acquired in the process offers its rewards. In the way that it teaches you how to treat people under you, how to motivate them and how to make the best out of any circumstances. Just by being in the firm, you can pick up valuable industry skills and knowledge. By watching how experienced PRs work, you will absorb the tricks of the trade.

At some point, you will move up but it will take willingness and a resilient attitude to do what it takes. What also helps is a positive attitude and problem-solving skills; which can help you figure out what it is the boss needs before they even ask you.

Key Guidelines for Landing a Job in Fashion PR

Strong personality and persistence work miracles

Formal education, experience and work ethics do count, but there are other important qualities necessary in order to rise above in this field. One key trait is persistence as fashion PR professionals often have to deal with journalists and editors who avoid their initial inquiries so it’s necessary to follow up tenaciously. One has to strike the fine balance between aggressive attitude and professionalism.

Another must-have is a thick skin as things in the fashion PR business can get quite intense. There will be much more no’s than yes’s and the fashion industry itself is notorious for its brutal honesty. However, traditional values will get you far as well as being intelligent, quick-thinking and sociable. If all that is matched with your exceptional writing skills, you’ll get far quickly. If you can communicate professionally via pitch letters and writing press releases, you will be taken seriously.

Network like you’re mad

One of the imperatives in the fashion industry is the networking that does not end by simply exchanging and collecting business cards. Snatch the opportunity to volunteer with the people you want to include in your network and in addition to doing business, contribute to a noble cause.

Stay passionate about the business

Keep your passion for fashion alive and stay invested. Read about fashion, be informed about the key players, be on top of seasonal trends, keep track of main influencers and emerging leaders, follow the top brands and you’ll always be able to present new ideas to your clients and be relevant.

The field of fashion PR is very competitive right now so it’s important to work on improving yourself in every possible way, from excellent education to great connections, strong work ethics, professionalism and passion for the business. New fashion forms are popping up every day and good, educated and hard-working people are in demand!


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