Kids Holiday Program Ideas Get Rid Of Their Summer Blues!

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Kids Holiday Program Ideas Get Rid Of Their Summer Blues!

Every summer, we think of the same question. How can we make this summer break more interesting and productive for the students? Should we let them be or maybe plan out something that is somehow useful and adventurous for them. 

Covid-19 has not just been tough on adults, but it has also taken a toll on kids. Many started and even ended their semesters without meeting their friends or attending their school physically. In addition, staying in quarantine has undoubtedly affected their mental health and made them a bit taken aback as well. 

For parents themselves, it’s been hard to hide the disappointment about the holiday season, so pretty much, children have been dealing with holiday blues themselves. Finally, restrictions have ceased, and after an intense online session, schools reopen again!. 

It’s a great idea to plan some great holiday programs for primary school students so that your students can have loads of fun and destress themselves before the start of the new session, or perhaps the third lockdown!

An activity for the day calendar!

Kids have been staying home and have become very used to and observant of their surroundings. It’s a great way to take advantage of the situation and sharpen their skills.

Here Is How To Do It-

  • Come up with mini questions or short activities that they can do over the summer and sharpen their skills. 
  • Use ideas like how many average birds you see every day or how many sandals your mom owes. Counting your steps from your room to the kitchen or simply counting how many seconds you take to knock at your neighbour’s door are some fun activities that are going to keep the students engaged. 
  • You can jot down these ideas on different dates on their calendar and ask them to complete them through their summer break. 
  • You can also give them mathematical riddles and questions to solve meanwhile. 

A Memory Book For The Best Moments:

A memory or slam book is always a souvenir to carry around and remember all the fun you had while in school. 

Give your students a template and ask them to reflect on what they learned this year. 

You can put in questions that include-

  • Their favourite memory
  • What they enjoyed doing the most during the school year
  • Tell them to think about the friends they made this year.
  • Evaluate how their classmates were great friends
  • Some few things they enjoyed learning the most in school this year
  • One thing they learned that they would remember most from the year. 

They can simply stick the pictures or decorate the book as they please. Then, once the school opens, ask them to share it with the class.

Set And Conquer Goals:

Everybody has a plan, but all they lack is the push to reach their goal. Ask the students to make a list of their goals throughout the year, call them the summer manifesto and ask them to read it out aloud when the school reopens. Ask them how much were they able to conquer it and what they enjoyed the most!

Suppose you are looking for more innovative ideas. In that case, you must collaborate with after-school clubs to provide extracurricular opportunities for students and give them access to a unique STEM after school program learning system.


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