Kids Safety – 6 Ways to Childproof Your Home

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Kids Safety – 6 Ways to Childproof Your Home

We are often unaware of all the dangers lurking in our home. To make things worse, we think our kids understand some common risks and we completely disregard these threats. Therefore, in order to make sure our children are safe, we have to carefully consider every aspect of your homes. Take a look at some things you cannot overlook. For your kids’ safety – 6 ways to childproof your home.

1. Place gates around your home

If you have stairs in your house, it’s vital that you prevent any falls. That is why you should install gates on both the top and bottom of each staircase. Furthermore, gates are also used to stop kids from entering certain rooms and approaching windows and fireplaces, so you can invest in a portable mesh gate which can easily be set up as a temporary barrier. In case you have a pool, you must make sure there is a fence around it, seeing as how drowning is a huge risk.

2. Install locks on doors and cabinets

As previously mentioned, gates can keep your kids away from rooms you don’t want them entering as well as windows but sometimes that is not enough. Make sure you secure certain doors with knob covers as that makes it hard for children to open them. Furthermore, window guards are essential in order to prevent falling out. Parents often think that window screens are enough but the truth is that they cannot handle the child’s weight. However, ensure these guards can easily be removed in case of fire. Of course, you cannot neglect various cabinets and drawers, especially if you keep sharp objects, medicine, chemicals and other things that could harm a child in them.

3. Secure your furniture to the wall

Kids often try to climb furniture, which is really unsafe as it can cause crush injuries unless these pieces are secured to the wall. All desks, dressers and bookshelves you have should be anchored to the wall. Furthermore, your flat-screen TV could easily be tipped over, so make sure to secure it as well. Companies like Ultralift provide many types of TV wall mounts making it easy to find an option that will fit your needs, so you can rest assured no harm will come to your child.

4. Get anti-scalding devices

It’s important to know that hot water can cause serious burns, which is why you should adjust the temperature of your water heater so that it doesn’t go over 54 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, invest in anti-scalding devices which shut off the water if it goes over the maximum temperature you set beforehand. These can be used on faucets and showerheads and keep your kids safe in the kitchen and bathroom.

5. Research your plants

While plants can look gorgeous in your home, some of them are potentially dangerous for your child. Look online and ask experts whether any of the plants you own are poisonous. Furthermore, kids might try to eat the gravel or mulch used for potting, which can make them sick, or they could potentially choke on some decorating elements such as marbles. Either keep them in high places or avoid plants all together until your child is old enough.

6. Use appliance guards

Other than keeping the kitchen off-limits using a gate, you should also make sure your kids cannot reach any appliances. For instance, remove stove knobs when not cooking or use a stove guard which will not let them reach the burners. Moreover, check whether you can lock your oven or use a latch to prevent kids from opening it. Also, lock your dishwasher so that they don’t have access to detergent or any sharp blades and keep your microwave out of reach. Similarly, cover all electrical sockets and power strips to avoid electrocution.

Final thoughts

These are just some of the measures you should take in order to childproof your home. To keep your kids safe, invest in an air purifier and install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well. Make sure there are no small toys or objects around which present a choking hazard and ensure the window blinds are cordless to avoid strangling accidents. Furthermore, talk to your friends to see what they did to prevent injuries. You don’t want to take any chances, so do everything in your power to properly childproof your home and eliminate all potential risks.

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